Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What Others Are Saying, Hypocrisy On Both Sides

To give the reader some idea of just how ambiguous and confusing the Libya operation is, all one has to do is read headlines from around the world. Some examples:

"Germans Pull Forces Out of Nato as Libyan Coalition Falls Apart." -- UK Mail

"Allies in Disarray."-- Drudge

"Libya Cost, Mission Unclear."-- Washington Times

"US and UN Force Consider Leadership Coalition in Libya--Operation Stalemate Possible."-- Phillipine Daily News

I don't always agree with Richard Cohen, a liberal columnist with the Washington Post, but this is some of what he wrote this week:

"...Still the Obama administration has applied incoherence to confusion. It is an odd, dangerous mix...It is one thing to decry American unilateralism and quite another thing to await international action when time is of the essence. It is not necessary for America always to lead, but it is sometimes necessary for it to do so--and always necessary for the President to know when the moment has arrived..."

There is criticism coming from the Right I find a tad hypocritical. It's regarding the entire issue of "authorization" from Congress to send our troops into hostile actions. It's my understanding that Obama did not need congressional authorization. It's also my understanding that some previous presidents did not get congressional authorization either, including the failed Iran Hostage operation, the operations in Honduras, Granada, Panama and other hot spots around the world at the time. And these actions occurred even after Congress passed "The War Powers Act" in the early 1970's. It appears the courts have not provided any clear guidance on the interpretation of the War Powers Act.

Having said all of that, Liberals are also hypocrites. They bashed George W. Bush for going into Iraq when he did get congressional authorization {"The Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002."}. This resolution passed because many Democrats also supported it. In addition, the UN Security Council concurred Iraq was in violation of UN's Resolution 1441. Yet, Liberals are defending the Libyan operation even though Pres. Obama did not get Congressional authorization to send our troops into battle. Go figure.

By the way, in 2007, Slo Joe Biden said he would try to impeach any president who did not get congressional approval before taking military action.

The extreme Left is not happy with the President's decision to go into Libya. At least, they're consistent.

There is a Republican Party, right?

Speaking of all of this violence, it appears one of the reasons we had to get involved in the Libyan operation was for humanitarian reasons. Whether that's a good reason to send our troops anywhere will always be a contention for debate. But one thing is certain--the lack of any attention to Christians being slaughtered around the world by Islamic thugs from Indonesia to Pakistan to The Sudan (estimated number of Christians murdered in excess of 1 million since 1984) to Egypt is troubling. Christians are being murdered on a regular basis and no one appears to either care or pay any attention to this on-going slaughter. There are also obscene levels of genocide going on in many other parts of the world, especially in Africa {Congo, Sudan, Dafur to name just a few}. It's certainly not practical for the U.S. and NATO to get involved in cases like this around the world, because we just don't have the money, the troop levels or will to do so. If that's the case, then what was the decision process that made this Administration decide to go into Libya?

Oh, before I forget, rockets are still dropping into Israel. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility. And a bomb went off in Jerusalem, killing one and injuring almost 40 innocent people just hanging around a bus station.

Most people just don't appear to pay attention to what is going on in either their own country or around the globe. For example, Newsweek magazine recently had 1,000 U.S. citizens take an official citizenship test. 38% failed the test. What were some of the questions that gave them a hard time? Try this one: What Did Martin Luther King Do?" 33% didn't know. Who is the Vice-President? 29% didn't know {Slo Joe just can't get a break}. Forty percent did not know that the United States fought Germany, Italy and Japan during WWII. But I betcha most Americans know a lot about Charlie Sheen and/or American Idol.

In the "Would You Believe" File, while Pres. Obama and his EPA restricts drilling for more oil here, one his trip to Brazil this week, he urged Brazil to drill for more oil. And even more disconcerting--he told them he wants them to develop more offshore resources so we can import their oil someday.-------SAY FRIGGIN WHAT?

Some free advice to Pres. Obama: next time you have a planned trip overseas, but several major and serious events erupt around the world that need your and our attention--cancel the friggin trip. You've cancelled these overseas trips before. Mr. President, there are times when global crises occur that need your total attention. I believe sending our military on a mission to Libya--no matter how vague that missions appears to many--needs your total attention. Just sayin'.

From The Onion today: "Deaths of 20,000 Japanese Afford Planet Solid 15 Minutes In Which Everyone Acts Like A Human Being."

Hey, at least Japan got 15 minutes before our media decided that one of the strongest earthquakes and tsunamis in history --that practically devastated an entire country-- only required a bit of their attention before they turned to other "news alerts." Anyone know what Charlie is doing?

RIP Elizabeth Taylor.

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