Monday, May 16, 2011

Airplane Crash Victims Are Really Lucky; Drill Obama Drill; White House: You Talk Too Much; Rambama; Dental Care in America is a Disgrace; Seniors: Just Die Already; Is Newt Selling Depends? Republican Women Have Stiffer Spines

An article in The Onion describes how lucky 142 plane crash victims really were. In their piece entitled, "142 Plane Crash Victims Statistically More Likely To Have Died In A Car Crash," they point out that "although these individuals died tragically, it's important to remember that their flight was 80 times less likely to kill them than if they had driven to their destinations."
  • First the good news: bin-Laden has been dead for 2 weeks now.
  • More good news: it appears Pres. Obama is willing to drill baby drill. It appears he's willing do more drilling in Alaska and the Gulf.
  • For over a week now, I've been complaining about the administration putting out too much information about the bin-Laden hit. Now, because of this overload of information and leaks, even Defense Sect. Gates is concerned for the security of the families of the SEAL Teams. "We are concerned about the security of our families..," he told an audience of Marines at Camp Lejeune. Tell you one thing. I pity the prick who tries to go after any member of the SEAL Team family. That would be a suicide mission.
  • Disney has trademarked SEAL Team 6--friggin geniuses.
  • While we're on the subject of the SEALs. A toy company has come out with an action figure portraying Pres. Obama as a Navy SEAL. He's called, Rambama, a cross between Rambo and Obama. I took a close look at the photo. I could swear they used Michelle Obama's body as a model. I betcha the toy is made in China.
  • But even an action figure has not helped the president's numbers. Gallup reported this weekend that the president lost his bounce.
  • More bad news for the Massachusetts universal health care system--the model for ObamaCare. 800 physicians from the Massachusetts Medical Society now report that it takes over a month to get routine primary care. In fact, many physicians report being so overwhelmed more than half are closing their practices to new patients. This is largely due to physician shortages {Dr. Marc Siegel, internist in NYC}.
  • Remember it was Pres. Obama who said the Republican plan would abandon families of autistic and Down Syndrome children. His health and humans services Secretary followed that up with saying their plan would also make seniors "die sooner." So much for civility.
  • Speaking of medical care, how about what a ripoff dental care is today. As a Dr. Huyler, an emergency room physician wrote in the NY Daily News last week, "Exorbitant dental care is why the teeth of low-income Americans are a disgrace...It's why the profession of dentistry in the United States is an ethical disgrace." He sees patients day after day in the emergency room because their teeth are killing them, and they have no way of paying for it. By the way, I can personally vouch for this.
  • Have you noticed something since Ronald Reagan was president? Most Republicans are horrible campaigners.
  • Have you noticed something else about Republicans and Conservatives? Republican/Conservative women appear to have stiffer spines.
  • Not too long ago, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz lobbied to have potential employees for a planned mall in his district get paid a "living wage." His lobbying killed the planned mall as retailers booked elsewhere. The mall would have created almost 2,500 jobs. Nice job Ruben.
  • I finally watched that Youtube rollout by Newt. I didn't like it. Reminded me of some old white guy who should be selling adult diapers.
  • Wedding notice in The Onion this week: "Bill Lee gave away his daughter, Terese, last weekend to Robert Derring, a find young man who promises Mr. Lee that he will never get tired of banging his daughter."

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