Monday, June 20, 2011

Don't Mess With Texas; Women Boomers Face Problems; A Parris Island First; Those Pesky Sins of the Flesh; Women Are Like Camels; We're Neglecting Our Own History; Chinese Prostitutes Get Our Tax Dollars (I'm not kidding)

A man in Minn. paid $230,000 for his new dog. But here's one thing you have to understand. The guy is a moron--Fallon.

  • Did you know at the current rate of economic growth, it will take us 22 years to get out of this mess?
  • Did you also know that the State of Texas jobs growth has been greater than the entire country in the last 3 years? Any wonder Gov. Perry is being pushed to run for president. I believe Texas has created over 30% of all jobs created during this perid.
  • Have you noticed an interesting phenomena in politics? Women politicians rarely, if ever, get caught in any sex scandals. Right now, I can't think of one. There've been a few cases in Europe, but nothing comes to mind here. I think there are several reasons for that: 1-women, in my opinion, tend to be more disciplined, 2-they have much lower levels of testosterone, and 3-women are like camels, they can go without sex for a long time.
  • Speaking of women, did you know Boomer Women are finding themselves single, retired and broke? Many Locke, MCT News, wrote, "Single female boomers are the least prepared of this more than 75 million-strong generation to financially navigate their senior years...about 40% of female boomers are single now--up from 30% in 1989...and many who devoted their prime to motherhood find themselves divorced and returning to the workforce...Those women had less time to build up their Social Security savings or 401 (k) plans."
  • By the way, all those folks who think Weiner's career is over, I have one name for you: Marion Barry, former mayor of D.C.
  • I've been to Canada many times. In fact, I've been in every major city in the country at least once and many of the smaller towns like Swift Current,  Moose Jaw, Kamloops and many others. I always found Canadians to be a peaceful type of folk. Yet why do they riot violently after every major hockey playoff season when they lose?
  • For the first time in Marine history, a female General will be in charge of Parris Island, Brig. Gen. Loretta Reynolds---whoahhh!!!
  • Staying on history, Rich Lowry in the NY Post today points out that only 12-20% of 4th to 12 graders are proficient in history. He points out that earlier history books from the 1930's embraced nationalism and patriotism. Starting in the 1970's until now, both those themes are conspicuous by their absence. It's almost a criminal neglect of our own great history as a nation (my opinion, not Lowry's).
  • Jonathan Zimmerman in the NY Daily News asked a good question: Why do we excuse abuses of public trust but demand heads roll over sins of the flesh? And, of course, he points to my good buddy--Charlie Rangel who violated 11 ethics rules.
  • Do you wanna see how much of our money the government spends on stupid stuff? Check out the web site Dirty Spending Secrets. It's awesome. One example, we spent $2.6 million training Chinese prostitutes to drink more responsibly on the job. You think that's a bad one? Go to the web site and you will be both amazed and very angry.
  • "Recession Is Over News"---The Misery Index is the highest its been in 28 years. Misery Index combines unemployment and inflation data.

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