Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Memo to Media: Leave Weiner's Wife Alone; How Successful Was The Stimulus Package?; Donate to Obama and Receive Plumb Gov't. Jobs and Constracts Worth Millions; Will Republicans Ever Reach Out to African-Americans and Latinos?; Mexican Gladiator Events With Fights to the Death

"Don't judge Anthony Weiner until you've walked a mile in his pants--around your ankles." Letterman.

  • Memo to the Knee-Pad, Bottom-Feeding Media: Leave Anthony Weiner's wife alone. She's also a victim of her husband's inappropriate behavior. Keep her out of it.
  • One year ago this week, Pres. Obama declared that summer would be "The Summer of Recovery."
  • "Recession is Over News:" Retail sales fell for the first time in ten months largely due to less demand for automobiles.
  • How successful was the stimulus economic package? CNS reports almost 2 million fewer Americans have jobs today since the stimulus package was signed by Pres. Obama in the summer of 2010.
  • In the "Gee, What A Friggin Surprise News File," Politico is reporting today that top donors to Pres. Obama's campaign get plump government jobs, advisory postions and federal contracts worth millions. How's that "Hope and Change" working for those who voted for Pres. Obama?
  • Question for Republicans: When the hell will you folks start reaching out to Latinos and African Americans?  Even when most African Americans are solidly in the Democrat column, you have to make an better effort of reaching out to them. Ditto for Latinos and Hispanics. In fact, this demographic makes up almost 7% of voters. More than 50 million Hispanics live in the U.S. And, yes, they too vote largely Democrat, but they are not tied to Democrats as much as African Americans are. Over 30% voted for McCain in the last election. Lesson here is simple: if they don't come to you; you go to them.
  • With all of this continued bad economic news for over two years now, I've been holding off saying what many people seem to be asking: Has this economy been orchestrated to fail? I really don't know the answer to that question, but I can't seem to avoid pondering the theory. Or is it more simple than that? Is the Obama administration just plain incompetent? I don't know which one I would choose if I had to make a decision. Both suck. But more importantly--both scare the be-jesus out of me.
  • How dangerous is it in Mexico? If you thought being an innocent victim of narco crime was bad enough, check out this story. A captured drug cartel trafficker is telling Mexican and American authorities people are being kidnapped from buses to take part in gladiator events to the death. In other words, these murdering thugs are now killing innocent people for amusement. Many of the bodies found in mass graves are victims of this new Nazi like sport.  I think it might be time to bring our troops home from Iraq and start taking care of business south of our border. In my opinion, it's a national security issue. (Houston Chronicle)
  • "God Works in Mysterious Ways News"-- AP is reporting that Chavelo Gutierrez died while trying to rape a 77 year old woman. He was on parole and a registered child sex offender.

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