Monday, June 13, 2011

Weiner's Weener Keeps on Giving; Sextexting = Exhibitionism; Right To Work Works; Newt's Numbers Trailing Ron Paul's; Media Upset re: Palin's Emails

Democrats and Republicans have been asking Weiner to resign. Late night comedians are asking him to hang in there--Conan.

  • First the good news: The Miami Heat lost. That means Labron lost. And that's good news.
  • Cartoon that appeared in several newspapers shows Weiner sitting opposite Bill Clinton. The bubble over The Big Dog's head says: "If anyone else pops up, you can just say, 'Listen to me: I did not have textual relations with that woman...'"
  • By the way, sextexing one's privates is just another form of exhibitionism. Weiner just happened to sex text with a 17 year old girl--allegedly.
  • There is some good news for Weiner. He got the support of Charlie Rangel. Rangel said he didn't see anything wrong in Weiner's behavior. Remember, this is the same man who didn't pay taxes some of his properties, and was censured by congress for his "lapses" in his own behavior and actions.
  • NYC Mayor Bloomberg said, "Notice, nobody's defended Anthony. Like Spitzer, he had no friends." Apparently, this Weiner creep was not even well liked among his own peers.
  • Another cartoon that appeared in some newspapers last week shows Pres. Obama looking at a chart that shows the economy keeps spiraling downward. The bubble above the president's head says: " I hope this Weiner story never ends."
  • I read an interesting piece while in South Carolina. It makes the case why Right-to-Work laws are good for the economy. I believe, Otis Rawl of the Post and Courier, made the case for the laws. He pointed out while Detroit lost thousands of auto industry jobs, 85,000 were created across the state of South Carolina. And those were full-time jobs. He wrote, "The truth is, we don't need unions to increase jobs, provide competitive wages, establish open and collaborative wages, establish open and collaborative working environments, and ultimately, support ongoing economic growth. Companies across the state are already doing it just fine on their own."
  • How bad are Newt's poll numbers? In the latest Gallup/USA Poll of 851 Republicans or Republican leaning independents, Newt is trailing Ron Paul--7% to 5% Romney leads the pack with 24%. Palin came in second at 16%, followed by Cain at 9% (appears to be a good showing for Cain).
  • Speaking of approval ratings, have you noticed the president's ratings have been ranging from a dismal 32% approval on handling the deficit to a high of 51% on Afghanistan. His handling of the economy is at 36% (really--who the heck are these 36%? I guess when no one is working then they might finally admit to this disaster).
  • How bad is the homeowner situation in Nevada? A typical home that was purchased in 2006 for $372,000 sold for $167,000 in 2009.
  • Have you noticed how disapponted the media's been ever since Sarah Palin's emails were released? They were hoping they would find some juicy stuff so they could hammer her for months. Problem is the emails show--as USA Today had to point out---a "more moderate, engaged Palin."
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