Friday, July 8, 2011

Jobs Picture: Pathetic; How Did Canada Improve Their Economy?; Networks Hypocrisy Re: Diversity; Question for Casey Anthony Jurors; Another DumbAss Statement by Chris "Tingles" Mathews

Vice President Joe Biden has a new Twitter account. He said he will not rest until he can embarrass the president on every media account ever invented. --Leno

  • How much more evidence do we need that the administration's economic policies are an utter and complete failure? As you probably heard by now, unemployment went UP to 9.2%. Payrolls rose by only 18,000. Folks, that's less than 400 jobs created per state.
  • To add to these dismal numbers, the feds revised their April and May numbers to report 44,000 fewer jobs were created than initially reported--and the previous numbers were pathetic.
  • Reminder: Over two years ago, the administration promised unemployment would fall to about 8% within a year due largely to the stimulus package. And that genius, Nancy Pelosi, said 400,000 jobs would be created almost immediately after ObamaCare passed.
  • And small businesses are being hit hard. Harris Poll reports the following: 46% more people are "brown-bagging" lunch rather than buying it. 43% are getting haircuts less frequently. 24% have chosen to cut back on dry cleaning. 21% have given up stopping to buy their morning cup of java. 22% have canceled or cut back on cable TV or Sat TV.
  • Although Canada's economy is not as large as ours, several years ago the were facing the same problems as we were. Unemployment rates were almost exactly the same. Yet, Canada's unemployment rate peaked at 8.7% in September of 2009 and started FALLING.  So how did Canada improve their overall economy? The emphasized a much smaller stimulus, tax cuts and cut back on regulations on businesses. The result: a much smaller deficit (proportionally)--John Lott, author of "Freedomnomics."
  • There is some good news. For years, I (and many others) have been attacking the media for its hypocrisy on many issues. One includes the lack of diversity in many newsrooms, especially on major networks.  NAACP finally did something I agree with--they're taking CNN to task for their lack of on-air diversity. My one question for the NAACP: why did you wait this long?
  • Thinking about moving to NY City? Rents average from over $2 grand for a studio apartment to almost $5 grand for a two-bedroom (Residential rental market report).
  • Question for Casey Anthony jurors: While Casey was partying and staying with her boyfriend for weeks, it was shown she didn't hire a babysitter or nanny (although I believe she tried to make a story about a fictional sitter). So did any jurors bother to ask themselves: where was Caylee? Just askin'.
  • With more schools dumping cursive writing, will it become a lost art and skill in several generations? From a personal perspective, since using a keyboard now for several decades, I can barely read my own writing anymore.
  • Chris Mathews said Nancy Pelosi was one of the strongest House Speakers in the last 5 decades. Keep in mind, during her tenure, the economy imploded. Debt was rising faster than Lady Ga Ga's skirt.  Unemployment went through the roof. Housing went bust. As stated above, she pushed ObamaCare, because she said it would create hundred and thousands of jobs almost immediately. But forget Pelosi (I know it's hard). How long will MSNBC, owned by NBC, allow Mathews to keep embarrassing the network?

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