Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Odds and Ends, Mostly Odds and Some Dicks Too--J.F. Kerry's DumbAss Statement, Corzine, MSNBC...

One of Letterman's Top Ten Reasons To Be A Proud American: Land of the Free, Home of the Brave and the fattest people on earth.

  • First the good news: Mexico arrested Jesus Aguilar, the creep who allegedly murdered ICE Agent Victor Avila last February. This thug is also third-in-Command of the Zetas drug cartel (USA Today). 
  • "Dumb Ass Quote of the Week" goes to that fake, phony and back-stabbing fraud, John F. Kerry when he told a reporter last week, "I would have been a good president. Maybe even a great one." 
  • Philadelphia had a great Independence Day Weekend. It was much better than the previous weekend when there were 32 shootings.
  • Why do so many women tennis players grunt so much? Baseball players hit baseballs over 300 feet and they don't grunt. I don't recall hearing too many NFL QB's grunting (unless we can't hear it over the crowd noise). Golfers hit the golf ball several hundred yards off a tee and I can't recall hearing them grunt.  Just sayin'.
  • Well no surprise here. President Obama appointed former failed N.J. gov., Jon Corzine, to whip up Wall Street support for the president's re-election. Oh, one more thing, Corzine is the former head honcho for: Goldman Sachs (NY Post).
  • As the feds want us to drive smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles, this administration increased the size of the federal limo fleet by over 70%. They say it's because of security reasons (CBS News).
  • "Right Wing" is a myth. Most Americans, by a ratio of over 2:1, consider themselves conservatives. Have you noticed the media rarely refers to the Left as the "Left Wing?"
  • Although many are needed, most public sector jobs are really overhead in terms of expenses. They don't create revenue. It's one of the reasons, in my opinion, the economy did not improve much. A lot of stimulus money went to jobs in the public sector.
  • Regarding the stimulus program, the White House Council of Economic Advisers reported on Friday that the stimulus program costs taxpayers $278,000 per job.
  • In the "Gee, What A Freaking Surprise Category," the National Education Associated reported they are endorsing Pres. Obama for re-election.
  • I noticed an interesting phenomena. The media and the government are actually happy that the price of fuel dropped in the last few months. Yet, the average price of a gallon of gas is over $3.50. What's so good about that?
  • Not to long ago, Pres. Obama talked about the "multiplier" effect. In short, it refers to those businesses that benefit from another larger business, ie. a restaurant near a manufacturing plant. He praised Chet's Restaurant, a Toledo business in operation since the 1920's Chet's was near a Chrysler plant. Less than a week after the president praised this restaurant, it closed for good. The owners blamed the closing on the economy and Ohio's 2006 smoking ban.
  • Keeping on the business front, NYC business owners are reporting they are holding off hiring because "ObamaCare has cast a long shadow over my plans to hire more staff, " said Robert Arora, CEO of Bix2Credit. A study by McKinsey and Company concluded that up to 78 million Americans will lose their current coverage (so much for the president's promise that no one will lose their current insurance).
  • You might have heard about another MSNBC analyst getting suspended last week.  On Joe Scarborough's "Morning Joe" program, Mark Halplerin said he thought President Obama was "kind of a dick." This comes on the heels of Herr Olberman's suspension and alleged firing. And the suspension of that real dickhead, Ed Schultz. At this pace, MSNBC's low ratings won't kill the network's shows, the lack of hosts will.
  • About four years ago, the NY Public School system tried an experiment. They opened the Khalil Gibran International Academy. It's focus was to be on peace, globalism and the Arab world.  Not long after it opened, it principal was terminated because she publicly defended the concept of intifada. In other words, she defended the Palestinian Uprising. Well, the Department of Education is shutting the school down. It seems over 114 of its students were suspended last year for a variety of infractions like assaults and weapons possession. Police were called to the school about 3-4 times per week (NY Post).
  • Unless you missed it, the United Nations appointed North Korea to head their Conference on Disarmament.  North Korea built a nuclear site in Syria before Israeli bombers bombed it to smithereens. N. Korea was caught trying to smuggle missile parts to Burma's junta. And just one more minor problem: N. Korea is in constant violation of the UN mandate of trading missiles with Iran.  N. Korea is run by a bunch of tyrants and a dictator.
  • And how good is Britain's government health care system? The Telegraph (UK) is reporting that over 100,000 terminally ill patients do not get proper palliative care. The good news about Britain's system? Everyone has access to really bad medical care. One commentator said the National Health Care System works well for undertakers. Could this be the system--ObamaCare-- coming to a health care provider near you?

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