Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bush and 9/11; $100 Million Man; Attacking Their Faith: Some Things Never Change; Most Muslims Shown To Be Good Americans; Al Gore Wacky Again; 1 in 4 Don't Want Him; But Most Americans Not Too Happy With Republicans either & They Shouldn't Be

"Republicans Praise Nixon Administration For Allowing Qaddafi To Rule Libya So One Day He Could Be Overthrown."---The Onion

  • For those critics of George W. Bush, take a few moments of your precious time and watch National Geographic's piece on Bush and 9/11. You might actually learn the truth instead of believing the lies of that fat, fake, phony and fraud Michael Moore.
  • Hey, who knew you can kill dogs by hanging, electrocution, and other inhumane ways and end up with one of the best paying jobs on the planet---an NFL quarterback? A quarterback who ends up with a $100 million deal. Michael Vick, in another era, would be shunned by society not hailed. And don't lecture me about "redemption." It's amazing how easy redemption can be when one has the opportunity for a $100 million pay day at the back end. I don't believe in "staged" redemption.
  • Those who constantly proclaim the importance of "tolerance" are at it again. Five decades ago another presidential candidate confronted such "tolerance" when he was attacked for being a Catholic. For those too young to remember, that president was John F. Kennedy. Many of his critics felt, if elected, he would take orders from the Pope. It was typical fear mongering that we're now seeing raise its ugly head again. In the last election and now in this one, Mitt Romney was attacked by the secular, Left leaners for being a Mormon (as leaked several weeks ago, the Obama administration plans on using the same tactic. But instead of attacking his religion, they will try to convince voters he's a tad "weird"---in other words, code for "Mormon.").  In addition to Romney, the secularists are also taking shots at Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum for their faith (Christians). Yet, when Pres. Obama attended the church of a certified anti-Semitic, anti-American lunatic preacher for over 20 years, that was fine for these same hypocrites. In fact, the same people who now attack Perry, Bachmann, and others for their faith, also had no problem with Jimmy Carter's Baptist background. And Carter wore his faith with pride as he should have. One would think, 50 years after Kennedy's election, we would have learned to be truly tolerant of another's religion--yes, including Muslims.
  • Speaking of Muslims, the current Pew Poll reports that most U.S. Muslims are moderate. As USA Today reports, "Almost half the nation's estimated 2.8 million Muslims fault their leaders for not speaking out against Islamic extremists, and a vast majority are far more satisfied with the way things are going in the USA than the overall population." I'd say "almost half the nation's Muslims fault their leaders" is not enough. In fact, Hassan Jaber, Director of ACCESS, the nation's largest Arab-American human services organization agreed when he said in response to the Pew Poll, "I think we should all do more." We need more like him to speak up.
  • Al Gore is still wacky. Last week, he said, in no uncertain terms, those opposing global warming are racists. He likened them to the Bull Connor crowd who turned hoses on civil rights demonstrators in the 1960's. This from the guy whose father was Sen. Al Gore, Sr., (D-Tenn), and whose voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (he later supported the 1965 legislation. I guess he saw "the light." What he saw was his political future). Because, as most Democrats don't want you to know about their shameful place in American history, during that period and earlier---most racists and segregationists were in the Democrat Party. Nice try Al.
  • When WikiLeaks leaked all of those cables last year, many of us were appalled (not those on the Left). Now comes word---out of all places, The NY Times today---that WikiLeaks disclosed names thus placing those people's lives in jeopardy.
  • With signs that read, "Friends Keep Promises." and "Obama: Where Is The Reform?" a current CNN Poll now shows one in four Democrats does not want their Party to nominate the president as their candidate in 2012. Not a chance.
  • But Republicans shouldn't cheer, because every poll shows: Most Americans aren't thrilled with them either---and you know what? They shouldn't be.
  • Pres. Obama appointed Alan Krueger, a labor economist, to lead the White House Council on Economic Advisers. Another academic---just what we need, a guy whose never created a job in his life. And how good is Alan? He's been the Treasury Department's chief economist for the last two years. He also believes in raising taxes and supported the failed stimulus legislation. He'll also be the president's third council chair in the last 3 years. I give him one year and then he'll book back to Princeton.

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