Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dumb Ass or Sick Quotes?; The Double-Dip Is Already Here; How Weak Is Obama?; Biden Charges Secret Service Rent; More Childless Women

"All Flights Grounded After FAA Officials Suddenly Realize Man Not Meant To Fly."--The Onion
  • I don't know whether to define these quotes as Dumb Ass Quotes or Quotes Coming From Dumb Asses or just plain sick--you can decide. Yesterday, Slo Joe Biden said Republicans were "acting like terrorists." (the Left must be reading from talking points. Last week, one major progressive pundit referred to the Tea Party as the "Taliban." But how sick is that statement? We're about 6 weeks from the 10 anniversary memorializing the victims of 9/11).  Slo Joe also called the threat of a government default the GOP's "weapons of mass destruction." But Slo Joe is not the only dumbass in Congress. He has a lot of competition from the likes of Sen. Robert Menendez of NJ (This knucklehead rarely comes out of his basement, and when he does he always makes stupid pronouncements. His roots are form Union Country, N.J. where he served as Mayor. Union County has long been one of the most corrupt in N.J. He was also appointed to the Senate by Gov. Corzine to fill Corzine's seat after Corzine was elected governor of N.J. Have you connected all the dots yet on these fake, phony and frauds?). He put out a press release that said Republicans were holding the "American economy hostage...a gun to its head." This nitwit put this out the same day Rep. Giffords, who was shot in the head by a lunatic last year, returned to Congress.
  • As I write this, the new debt limit and spending-reduction plan passed the House . The Senate votes in several hours. But whatever the outcome, one fact is clear: If the Tea Party did anything, it made the country focus on the obscene spending. For that alone, everyone in America should give thanks.
  • And what have most Americans been thinking about this debate? According to the Washington Post and its current poll, it's summed up this way by most Americans: Stupid, terrible, disgusting,  pathetic, frustrating, a joke, messy, disaster, childish and disappointing.
  • How weak is Pres. Obama? Consider this, he didn't get much of anything he wanted in this ceiling debate even though he gave three press conferences and a nationwide speech in the last 2 weeks. In addition, during the course of the last several weeks, his poll numbers sank 10 points.
  • When news of the deal was reported, the Market shot up only to take a dive once the manufacturing numbers came out: they were the lowest in 2 years.
  • For the last 2 years, I've been reporting that the recession is not really over. CNBC is now reporting we are in a double-dip recession. In "10 Signs The Double-Dip Recession Has Begun," it appears they agree with me. They point out inflation is on the rise; investments are yielding less; unemployment is still much too high and more. Did anyone really believe the recession was over? I don't think so.
  • And just out today: Personal income has taken a dive as well as spending--first time since 2009.
  • I wonder what must be going through the mind of many Secret Service agents who guard Slo Joe Biden. It was reported this weekend that he charges them rent to a cottage on his property to the tune of $2,200 a month. Seems to me he considers his life as really cheap.
  • As I quickly read the story of a woman who killed her boyfriend with a spiked heel, I read some other interesting facts about women and mommyhood.  As of today, there are 27 million childless couples in the U.S.; there are 1.9 million American childless women ages 40-44 --- in 1976, there were 580,000; Parents are more likely to be depressed than nonparents and nearly half of American women who make over $100,000 k a year do not have children--the more a woman earns; the less likely she is to have children (Sources: U.S. Census, CDC, Wake Forest University and University of Michigan).

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