Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dumbasses Everywhere; We're Still Eating Cake; Independents Fleeing Obama in Droves; Volt A Bust; Our Brain Cells Eat Each Other; The Fat Lady Does Sing

A company in Seattle is coming out with medical marijuana patches for dogs and cats. So finally, dogs and cats won't have to buy their weed illegally--Fallon
  • Upon meeting Rep. Giffords, Slo Joe Biden said to her, "Now we're both members of the 'Craked Head Club.'" Biden had two surgeries on his skull. That certainly explains why he's such a yo-yo.
  • As I write this, the Labor Department revised the first time unemployment numbers UP from last week. It was initially reported the numbers fell to 398,000 first time in 16 weeks they fell below 400,000. The revised numbers were adjusted to 401,000--making it 17 straight weeks over 400,000. Memo to the White House: Put the corks back in the wine bottles.
  • By the way, our debt shot up $239 billion in one day.
  • Several posts ago, I said beware of any school or social service agency with any name like, "Multicultural" in it. It's a major red flag in my opinion. A Philadelphia company by the name of MultEthnic and Philadelphia's Dept. of Human Services was held responsible for the death of a child with disabilities recently. Well, a principal in a Brooklyn high school is in trouble for making Spanish-speaking immigrant students move school furniture for her. The students were made to ride in the back of the truck including one student who had to tie himself down so he wouldn't be bounced around in the truck and bash his skull open. This principal has been in trouble in the past. Oh, the name of the school?--Multicultural High School.
  • It seems like a day does not go by when some congressman or woman comes out with a dumbass statement. The latest is from Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) who said on MSNBC "we've really begun to turn the economy around." I would say she said it with a straight face, but she doesn't have a straight face. By the way, she's the female version of Anthony Weiner. She took over Weiner's role in Congress of being the most obnoxious politician in Congress and that's a major accomplishment.
  • The president is celebrating his birthday with yet another fundraiser. You need to fork over about $35 grand to be there, and another $10 grand for a photo op with the prez. I understand the president's birthday is a milestone. He's 50 now. God bless him. But geeze, the "optics" (a word the Left loves to use) on this are bad considering what the country just went through and is going through right now. Memo to the White House: how about a birthday party without all the trimmings for once. There will be plenty of time to raise billions to try to get re-elected. But this has "let them eat birthday cake" written all over it bro. Who the f_ck is advising you?
  • And the Washington Times is reporting the president celebrated the signing of the debt reduction bill with a 1,700 calorie hamburger. I guess Michelle must be out of town.
  • US News and World Report is reporting today added $9.5 billion in regulations in just the month of July.
  • Quinnipiack University poll reports Independents are fleeing Obama in droves. He's down to a 33% disapproval rating among those voters.
  • Speaking of 1,700 calories burgers, research scientists from Albert Einstein College in NY are reporting that when we diet--our brain cells begin eating each other. It's the body's last ditch effort to ward off starvation. I just might stick to those 1,700 calorie burgers.
  • Remember the hype from the government regarding the introduction of the "green" Chevy Volt? Well, the sales suck. Last month Chevy sold a whopping 125 vehicles nationwide.
  • Jerry Lewis was lamenting the lack of quality TV shows recently. He said of reality shows that are cheap to produce and impossible to compete with, "Are you nuts? You want me to spend $1.6 million for that variety show when I can get the fat lady to lose weight for $62,000 {referring to "The Biggest Loser}. Let's go with that. We'll call it realty."

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