Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Politico Reports: Many Dems Now Feel: Betrayed, Disappointed, Furious, Disgusted and Hopeless; Michele Bachmann's DumbAss Statement; Green Jobs Fraud; The Poverty Data Shows Minorities & Women Hit The Hardest; Not Since Nazi Germany Have We Heard Such A Declaration

San Marco, Tx: "While dusting off a photo album, Joane Tuss, 43, left a little dust on a friend she never liked anyway."

Somerville, MA: "And just like clockwork, Kevin McGuinn's Monday morning again started off with him fishing his glass eye out of the toilet."

---Both stories from The Onion's "National News Highlights."

  • It appears Republicans are still on a roll from the 2010 elections. Last night, the Democrats lost Weiner's NY seat to Republican Bob Turner. But what's so significant about this Dem loss? They've held the seat for many, many decades. And the district is 3-1 Democrat. Of course, anything can happen between now and the general election, but this cannot be good news for the Dems. In addition, the Dems also suffered a blow-out defeat in Nevada. As the Politico reported today, these losses could be a repudiation of Obama's policies. According to Politico, one high-level Democrat source remarked, "People feel betrayed, disappointed, furious, disgusted, hopeless."
  • Regarding the Politico, I found one article interesting. The report on some poll from Transatlantic Trends reported that Pres. Obama is still popular abroad. This is in contrast to all current Gallup and other major polls showing his popularity here is tanking. So I'm inclined to ask the Politico (a Left of Center political web site I happen to like)  are you folks so desperate, you're now referencing obscure polls regarding Pres. Obama's popularity?
  • "DumbAss Statement of the Week" goes to Michelle Bachmann when she said the HPV vaccine caused mental retardation. There is absolutely no evidence of that. In my opinion, Bachmann's made too many dumbass statements in the last several months. She's lost all credibility in my eyes even though she's good on the eyes.
  • You might recall, a week or two ago, it was reported a green company touted by the administration went belly-up.  The name of the company is Solyndra. And Solyndra was given over $535 million in stimulus money. USA Today is also taking the administration to task for wasting the money on Solyndra because---in 2010---PricewaterhouseCoopers issued a stern warning about Solyndra---reporting the company was making absolutely NO MONEY. In fact, it never made any money yet the Obama administration still gave the company the $535 mil. Fortunately, the FBI has decided to investigate these phonies.
  • Michelle Malkin, in her piece today---"Bleeding Us With Green Jobs"---reports how phony many of these green initiatives really are.  For example, the administration's weatherization program spent $226,000 on each of the 1,000 jobs created in Texas. In Alaska, Wyoming and D.C., similar programs have created a whopping---ZERO jobs to date.
  • Regarding the poverty numbers reported yesterday by the U.S. Census (highest poverty rates in 3 decades), minorities and women were hit the hardest. The poverty rate among women climbed to 14.5% from 13.9% in 2009. The rate of extreme poverty also rose for women to the highest rates EVER RECORDED at 6.3%.
  • So, after reading that census data, I found the political cartoon in the NY Post most appropriate and timely today. It shows homeless people reading a paper on a city street. The headline in the paper reads, "I in 6 Americans Now Lives In Poverty." The bubble above the heads says, "Obama Did Promise Change."
  • Question for Obama Supporters: How can you possibly support this administration's economic policies with what is happening in our country today? It's like walking thru a gauntlet of homeless and poor people and yelling, "We Still Support This Administration's Economic Plan!" Can't you see how ludicrous and obscene that appears?
  • Speaking of obscene and ludicrous, Pres. Carter's old buddies---The Palestinian Liberation Organization---said yesterday  any future Palestinian State should be free of Jews. The last country to make such a declaration?---Nazi Germany.

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