Thursday, February 9, 2012

Best Tattoo Websites and Shops/Parlors and Hot Tattoo Girls (and The Rock)

Are You Looking for some good tattoo web sites? Check these out:

Some of the Best Tattoo Studios: (There are many more. These have been given high reviews)

  • Shane and Imperial Dragon Tattoos in Media, PA
  • NOLA Tattoo in New Orleans
  • Rising Dragon in New York City 51 W. 14th Street
  • Fineline Tattoo in New York City 21 1st Ave.

  • Adorned 47 Second Ave in NYC
  • Last Rites Tattoo 511 W. 33rd St. NYC
  • Big City Tattoo Studio Phila. PA
  • Eddie's Tattooing Phila. PA

  • Loaded Gun Tattoo  Troy, PA
  • Zulu Tattoo LA, California
  • Broken Art Tattoo  LA, California

  • Deluxe Tattoo  Chicago, Il
  • Family Tattoo  Chicago, Il
  • Revolution Tattoos Chicago, Il
  • Tattoo Circus, Miami Beach

  • Miami Ink, Miami Fl
  • OchoPlacas Miami Fl

  • Lucky Draw Tattoos  Dallas, Georgia
  • Th'ink Tank Tattoo Denver, CO

  • Archangel Tattoo Studio  Nashville, TN
  • Blackheart San Francisco, CA
  • Everlasting Tattoo  San Francisco, CA

  • Twisted Tattoo  San Antonio, Tx
  • Virtue Tattoo  Houston Tx
  • Las Vegas Tats  Las Vegas, Nevada
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