Thursday, March 31, 2011

Play Ball!, Christopher Walkin, Hypocrisy on Parade, Many Questions Are Being Raised, Say "NO!" to Newt, Barry Bonds

PLAY BALL!!! Hey, someone had to say it.
  • We're down to the Final Four now. Only four Middle East countries we haven't attacked--{Leno}.
  • I heard a great story on IMus this morning. Steve Schirrpa, formally of the Sopranos, was his guest. He told a Chris Walkin story. There were filming, Kill The Irishman, in Detroit on the street. An older woman comes out of one of the houses and tells the crew if they needed anything, all they had to do was knock on her door. Chris Walkin was there too. He's wearing a pair of pants hiked up to just below his Adams Apple with no belt. A rope was holding his pants up. After she said that, he walks up to her and in his usual New York City, Chris Walkin accent, and says to her in that slow cadence of his, "Could you make me a tuna fish sandwich..(short pause)...on toast?" Schirrpa said the entire crew cracked up. It was so Christopher Walkin.
  • I have this uncomfortable feeling that Gadhafi is winning. The rebels, as of now, appear to be in full retreat if reports are accurate.
  • News broke we have the CIA on the ground. No big surprise there. So, for now, it's not "boots" on the ground; it's Florsheim shoes (although I would not be surprised if we have some special operations troops there too).
  • By the way, not only are we witnessing few, if any, anti-war protests (after all, we're also still in Iraq and Afghanistan), but I haven't seen any anti-war bumper stickers that were so common while W was president. The only bumper stickers I see are leftovers from several years ago, e.g. "War Is Not The Answer," etc. This is more proof, as I've always said, most of the anti-war folks we saw for 8 long years were fake, phonies and frauds. There are exceptions with people of conscience and those with religious affiliations like Friends, but where have all the others gone?
  • In addition to the wars still raging, including now Libya, the Patriot Act is still in effect. Renditions are still being carried out. Gitmo is still open. All of these, and more, were considered by many as impeachable offenses by the Bush Administration, but not now. What's changed?----Democrats are in power.
  • And, now, as posed by USA Today, "As Turmoil Grips Other Countries, U.S. Intervention Raises Questions Over Which Crisis Merit Action." In other words, if we're using "humanitarian" reasons to go into this conflict, why haven't we gone into other areas were there have been major human rights violations? I have a strange feeling this type of intervention puts us in between the proverbial rock and hard place. I think the answer is more simple than most people think: we just can't be everywhere. Yet, this operation is leaving that uncomfortable taste of "ambiguity" in the mouths of many Americans.
  • It appears NATO has taken over control of the Libyan operation. That means we're still in charge.
  • As one observer remarked recently, "Every reference to Libya in that speech {by the President} could have been replaced with Somalia or Rwanda or Zimbabwe or several places in West Africa, and it would have read as well." (Hint to that observer: I don't know if I'd mention Somalia. Painful images of Black Hawk Down just came flooding into my mind)
  • Those filing for unemployment fell again this week. That is good news, because it's trending downward. But keep in mind, almost 400,000 a week are still filing. And even if unemployment ever falls below 8%, it still means about 12 million Americans would be without jobs.
  • A reminder to Americans: we're still having battles in our own Congress with regard to the budget.
  • Gallup is reporting as the President's poll numbers continue to take a dive, Hillary's have moved up. Her favorable rating among Americans is now 66%. Could it be she appears to be perceived as having more leadership skills?
  • Gallup is also reporting that Conservatives now outnumber Liberals in many deep blue states, e.g. Vermont, R.I., Mass., and Oregon.
  • Just remember this: Newt Gingrich was cheating on his wife as he led the charge against Pres. Clinton over the Monica scandal. In fact, he cheated on both wives. The guy has no business running for President of the U.S.
  • More "Religion of Peace" News: A 14 year old Muslim girl was flogged in Bangladesh because she was found guilty of adultery. She was given over 100 lashes. She died from her wounds.
  • Update on Islamic Terrorism: Since 9/11, there have been 17,007 attacks by Islamic radicals around the globe. From March 19-March 25, there were 31 Jihad attacks. 101 were killed. Over 100 were critically injured, meaning some of those have probably died already. {Source: Religion of Peace: And A Big Stack of Dead Bodies}. Compared to world-wide attacks by Christian fundamentalists, it's now about 17,000 to 2.
  • Onion sports today: "Criminal Case of 'USA v. Steroid-Using Liar Barry Bonds' Begins."

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