Friday, April 1, 2011

Trump, Hate Crimes, Tea Party Takes Action, Libya: Now What?

Over 1 million female employees are suing WalMart claiming women are paid less than men. WalMart denied the claim, saying they underpay all of their employees equally.{Leno}
  • In the "C'mon you can't make this up" file. This week, President Obama was honored for openness and making the government more transparent. Oh, I almost forgot. The award ceremony was not open to the media or the public.
  • But then again, this might not really be so strange. After all, as Pres. Obama is now managing three wars, he does so staring at the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Trump is getting a lot of publicity lately because he says he might run for president. I don't believe him. Trump is a master of marketing the Trump brand. I think that's what this is all about. But, his presence does show one important fact: he appears to be more popular than almost any other Republican planning on entering the race.
  • I often ask, "Where's Big, Fat Al Gore?" He conveniently disappears when the climate is really, really cold. And then when the temperatures reach into the 90's, he crawls out of one of his energy sucking mansions and starts lecturing us on climate change and energy conservation. This guy is the height of hypocrisy.
  • I've always had problems with hate crime laws. Does committing a crime against an African-American, an Hispanic, a gay person, etc. warrant a hate crime rap because their lives have more value than the lives of others? I don't think so.
  • Tea Partiers showed up in D.C. yesterday and gave Republicans a piece of their mind. They charged the Republicans with hearing their demands but not really listening to them. And who are they targeting?--The likes of Rep. Boehner, not the new Republicans who appear to have more cahones than the Republican elite. Boehner yesterday signaled he might be willing to compromise on the budget. That means--the Dems will get over him--again.
  • And how much has been cut from the two short-term budget bills so far? A whopping $10 billion. Republicans are off about $90 billion. Republicans campaigned on cutting the budget by at least $100 billion. Folks, it does not look like that will happen.
  • Pres. Obama on Libya--paraphrasing here: It is important that we change the regime in Libya, but we are opposed to regime change. From USA Today's opinion piece, "When protests erupted in Libya, the twice-fooled administration rushed to get ahead of history. President Obama proclaimed that Gadhafi must go, only to see the Libyan strongman rewrite the script by crushing his opponents...So far, the pattern has been stumble and recover...This all lends an uncomfortably familiar feeling of half-baked commitment, incremental escalation and dubious outcomes..."
  • We still have not received any answers as to why our intelligence agencies failed so miserably in predicting what is now going on in the Middle East. On the other hand, what if our intelligence agencies and operatives--lit the match.
  • A fellow alumni from my college asked another important question this week: Why hasn't the Libyan army defeated the rebels yet since the Libyan army possesses superior weaponary and a trained officer corps? There are a lot of questions that have been left unanswered.
  • From "The Religion of Peace" File: British newspapers are reporting a British male nurse in Saudi Arabia was savagely beaten for being gay. In addition, he was warned he might be executed for being gay. Now, that's a place that needs hate crimes legislation.
  • What's the next challenge for the economy? It appears to be inflation.
  • But there is some good news: unemployment has fallen to 8.8%. That means, at this rate, we'll get back to George W. Bush numbers, of around 4.5-5%--in four years.
  • From The Onion sports file: "Chicago Cubs Can't Believe They're Doing This Again." Reports from training camp were that players, managers and coaches expressed disbelief Thursday, questioning whether they were out of their minds in participating in another MLB season."

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