Sunday, March 20, 2011

Random Thoughts On A Sunday Afternoon

On this beautiful Sunday afternoon, I experienced a sudden stream of random thoughts.

Haiti is still devastated--where did all those billions go?

Is the catastrophe in Japan already history? In the last several weeks, the media's obsessions went from Charlie Sheen, to Libya, to Japan {with more focus on the nuclear facilities} and now back to Libya.

But then, I guess I should not be surprised. CNN has about 50 reporters on the ground in Japan. But they will have about 400 in Britain for the wedding Prince William and his bride. Priorities? What stinking priorities?

In my short time on earth, I've learned one lesson: It's easier to get into wars than to get out of wars.

Looks like Hillary Clinton does pick up that 3 a.m. phone call. She pushed the Administration to do something about Daffy Kadhaffi.

Michael Moore said the President should return his Nobel Peace Prize. You know what: this might be the first time I agree with that nitwit.

Did you know there's still been no reports of major looting in Japan? What accounts for this?

How the heck is Kadhaffi's {Gadaffi} name really spelled?

How many times has Pres. Obama said, "Let me be clear," but then he wasn't?

How many times has the President said, "Make no mistake," but then numerous mistakes were made?

How many times has the Administration said they would be "transparent," but then they weren't?

In the "Gee, what a surprise file," the Congressional Budget Office announced last week that the administration's deficit projections were off by about $2.3 trillion.

If, as the Left is proclaiming, NPR and PBS programming is so good (and many are) why can't they compete with commercial networks instead of relying on federal funding and constant, never-ending fundraisers?

There was an anti-war rally in Washington yesterday. A whopping 100 people showed up. We're still in Iraq and Afghanistan, right? Where have all the anti-war folks gone?

Why are conservative women hammered by the media, e.g. Palin, Bachmann, Ann Coulter, etc., but Liberal and Progressive women are almost always given a pass?

When Hamas fired over 50 rockets into Israel last week, how come no one noticed?

Why does the Republican Party have so much difficulty with minority outreach?

If more companies, unions and states get waivers from ObamaCare---what's the point of having it?

Where the Fcuk is Al Gore? Not that I miss him, just wondering.

Congress passed yet another temporary budget bill last week. They trimmed about $6-10 billion out of an almost $4 trillion budget. Yet, it's reported widely that we have over $500 billion in waste and redundant government programs. Tells me: they are not really serious at all.

Some of the predictions that blow my mind. It's said the internet will be in our contact lenses. Computers, cell phones, clocks and MP3 players will be in our environment. We'll command these hidden computers by just thinking to do so. Doctors will be growing spare parts for our organs (this is already taking place in labs). Robots will be everywhere. Cars will be driverless {source: "Physics of the Future" by Michio Kaku}

Note: I've added several more links of interest including, but not limited to, Maxim and FHM (how I could have forgotten these is beyond me), Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, SI and some others of interest. Come here to get your daily political news, entertainment news and other information.

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