Thursday, March 24, 2011

Taylor vs Blow Out Preventer vs Charlie vs. ObamaCare

As I read my first two stories today in USA Today, one about Elizabeth Taylor and the other about the design flaw found in the blow out preventer that resulted in the oil leak, I realized the connection between the two stories.

Elizabeth Taylor is getting more news coverage than the 11 people who died in the explosion of the BP oil platform. In fact, oil covered pelicans got more news coverage. I think that says something about our priorities.

Speaking of priorities, Charlie Sheen must be feeling a tad left out lately. There was a short window--between the Egyptian uprising and the Japanese earthquake and tsunami--where he was able to capture the attention of the media. And he might have had a chance to capture some of that attention again, but, alas, Ms. Taylor had to die----LOSING.

In case you missed the video, Pres. Obama was locked out of the White House. As he tried to enter the building, the door would not open. I wonder: is someone trying to send him a message? Do you remember when Pres. George W. Bush tried to leave a news conference and he ran into the same problem of the door being closed. I actually found it very funny as did the President. The networks ran that loop for many hours. Their agenda was obviously to embarrass W. They won't do it with Obama.

Yesterday, I and many others took the President to task for taking off on his Latin American trip while sending our troops into harm's way. Did you know he canceled his trip to Indonesia and Australia last year to help push through ObamaCare?

Speaking of ObamaCare, it's about a year since the law was enacted. While there may be some good parts in the bill, it appears the "bad" outweigh the "good," especially in terms of what it will cost us. Even government and outside auditors admit the costs will be higher than the Administration predicted {Refer to Congressional Budget Office estimates}. Americans were told---by the President and his Administration on multiple occasions---that Americans could keep the plans they have now if they liked them. Well, that does not appear to be true. Many on Medicare Advantage have been told their plans will no longer be available due to cost overruns.

The Congressional Budge Office also estimates that over 800,000 jobs will be lost in 10 years directly due to meeting the cost of ObamaCare. If you recall, Pelosi said ObamaCare will create over 400,000 jobs almost immediately. Of course, that was before she read it.

Finally, if ObamaCare is so good, why have over 1000 agencies, organizations, and one state been given waivers? {Note: coincidentally, many of those waivers were given to entities that donated handsomely to Obama's campaign}.

And breaking news now: Rep. Anthony Weiner--a guy who really deserves that name---is asking for a waiver from ObamaCare for the State of NY. He was one of the most outspoken supports of ObamaCare.

And I must alert you to a great news breaking right now on The Onion. The piece is entitled, "FCC Chief Cites Special Occasion For Allowing Vaginal Penetration On Network Sitcom." If you read anything today, you have to read that piece. You can link up to The Onion below.

Headline in Spiegel On-Line {German publication}: "Gadafi is Facing a Coalition of the Unwilling." {Hey, will someone please decide on how to spell Gadafi's name right--please}.

AP Headline today: "Anaylsis: Libya Mission is Clouded by Confusion."

I'll say it again. If the President didn't go to Latin America; and, instead, got all the key players in one room and laid out the "talking points" everyone should have been using ---this operation's public relations would have been communicated much better. Now, they appear to have a mess on their hands. And it's always harder to un-peel the orange.

Can someone explain to me why there is hardly any coverage of the continued rocket attacks by Hamas into Israeli terrority {over 10,000 since 1995 resulting in the deaths of thousands of innocent people. Oh, there is coverage in Israel if they respond and happen to accidentally kill a few civilians. Wow, then the world community goes nuts. But forget Jews and Israelis dying. That does not make any headlines}? And I will keep repeating myself again: why there is hardly any coverage of the killing of literally hundreds and thousands of Christians by Islamic thugs around the globe?

And to end on a good note: Again, from The Onion's sport pages: "NFL May End Lockout By Hiring Scab Owners."

And how are your NCAA picks doing?

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