Friday, April 29, 2011

Goobers With Nice Accents, Race-Based Campaign, Obama Leading From Behind?, How Quickly They Forget, White House Cracks Down On Press

The good news is President Obama was born in America. The bad news is so was Donald Trump. {Leno}
  • I think there's a big wedding taking place somewhere today involving the largest welfare recipients on the planet. I view them as "goobers" with nice accents.
  • Anyway, we have more important things that need attention--like several southern states. It looks like some towns were hit by a tsunami. So Japan and Haiti--move aside--we have our own people to look after right now.
  • A cartoon in the NY Post today shows Trump pointing to what looks like his own birth certificate. The title of the certificate says, "Certificate of Live Hair."
  • Folks, it's now official: the 2012 presidential campaign will be based almost entirely on race.
  • In the last few weeks, charges of racism against Pres. Obama have been raised by the likes of Sharpie Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Tavis (not so) Smiley, on-air MSNBC pundits, and many others. And I have no doubt there are racists who do not like Obama. However, allow me to ask these geniuses a question: If there is so much racism against Pres. Obama, how did he get elected president? The percentage of African Americans in the U.S. according to the Census is about 13%. That means Pres. Obama could not have been elected without a huge majority of whites voting for him.
  • And why is race being used? Because the Democrats have nothing left in the well. They've run out of ideas. So what do they always fall back on?---a diversion. In this case, it's race--again.
  • It's not because of racism that Pres. Obama's numbers continue to tank, it's because of his  policies that many view as being a failure.
  • Another problem I believe the President has is what many publications have been writing about in the last several weeks, especially with regard to what is now occurring in the Middle East and our own budget process. They say the president is "leading from behind." In other words, he's perceived as  "following" and not leading.
  • With regard to this entire birth certificate issue, I think John Podhoretz said it well, "He is the president of the United States, for God's sake. And yet he allowed himself to become a supporting player in someone else's reality-TV..."
  • And there's more hypocrisy out there. Many Dems and liberals were stunned that anyone would even try to find out more information on Pres. Obamas's background such as his college records, medical records, etc. They conveniently forget when George W. Bush was running they went back 2-3 decades looking into his military records and his driving records. How quickly they forget!
  • When Paul Ryan came out with his own budget plan several weeks ago, the critics said seniors would not support it.  Many Democrats even said the plan was a godsend for the Democrats in terms of an issue for 2012. The recent Gallup poll found that most seniors actually like Ryan's plan over the administration's. OOOOOP's.
  • "White House Cracks Down On Press" on Drudge now. Hard to believe this report came out of the San Francisco Chronicle. It starts out like this, "The hip, transparent and social-media loving Obama administration is showing its analog roots. And maybe even some hypocrisy hightlights." In short, the administration punished--banned--a reporter for using  a cell phone camera at a presidential event. So much for transparency--again.
  • More "Recession Is Over News"---over 1 million people nationwide applied for 62,000 jobs at McDonald's.  And  75,000 applied for just 2000 McDonald's job openings in Chicago{Bloomberg News}.

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