Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dump Trump!, Pres. Obama Has More Imp't. Things To Do, Anemic Economic Numbers & Growth, Dems Take Away Union Rights, What Happened To Global Warming?

The U.S. is sending its most powerful drone to Libya. That's a long trip for Joe Biden {Leno}.

  • As I was listening to Laura Ingraham yesterday, she suggested Trump should use the phrase, "Trump Gets Results." Not bad. So the thought entered my mind for anti-Trump bumper stickers and "Dump Trump" or "Bump Trump" came to mind. So if he does run, and I see anyone with "Dump Trump" or "Bump Trump" bumper stickers, you'll be getting a knock on your door from a guy or gal that has "Esq." after their name.
  • After  he finally released his birth certificate, Pres. Obama was correct in saying he had more important things to do. And he did. He left to do Oprah and several fundraisers.
  • Did you find it the height of hypocrisy from many on the Left who criticized Trump for pursuing the birth certificate issue when it was their side who tried to make us believe in bogus George W. Bush military records. If you recall, Dan Rather's career came to an abrupt end for just this type of false reporting. Even after being told the military records of Bush that he and CBS were given were phony, he still pursued the story.
  • Truth Detector: Trump said he's been a Republican for a "long while." He was a registered Democrat from 2001-2008. OOOOOOP's.
  • As these alleged economists keep telling us the economy is getting better, the economy grew by a whopping 1.8%. That's an economy that is still struggling folks.
  • And 429,000 applied for unemployment last week--biggest jump since January.
  • Dollar drops to its lowest since 2008.
  • This is a stunner. House lawmakers in Massachusetts voted to strip public unions of most of their bargaining power. What's the stunner? Massachusetts democrats led the way. Will we see protests and riots in Mass. like those in Wisc.?
  • In case you missed it, it appears the global warming movement is dead. Many in the U.S. blame Pres. Obama's lack of any leadership on energy policy. Earth friendly products have plummeted. Even Wal-Mart abandoned its experiment with promoting green products {NY Post}
  • A letter to the editor: "Since Obama considers those earning over $250,000 rich, and since he hates them and capitalists, why does he not tell them to stop making contributions to his campaigns?" {John from Manhattan}.
  • Why is the administration so quiet about the people being slaughtered in Syria? Just sayin'.

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