Friday, April 15, 2011

My Snooki Nightmare, Angelina Jolie, Bond's Guilty, Bad News 4 Twitter, Reid The Big Dummy Speaks Again

As you know, people are still talking about Slo Joe Biden falling asleep at Pres. Obama's speech. He's now been named an honorary air traffic controller {Leno}.

  • I had this strange dream about Snooki last night. I was on a farm and feeding some hogs. One of the hogs looked just like Snooki--even the animal's face. When I woke up, I realized it was not a dream or nightmare. It was a premonition of what Snooki will look like in about 20 years.
  • So Jennifer Lopez has been named the most beautiful women by People magazine. There is no doubt that Jen is beautiful. But I have one name for Jen: Angelina Jolie. So Jen--get in back of the line.
  • Barry Bonds was found guilty of one count of obstructing justice. The word is his head grew two more sizes during the trial.
  • There's been some bad news for Twitter. Traffic has leveled off in the past year, and almost half of the accounts are no longer active. In addition, add revenue appeared a tad weak {NY Post}.
  • "To be fair, Obama is right. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that Congress has to declare kinetic military action."{National Review}.
  • Could there be more bad news? Yes, suicide rates are climbing in the U.S. as the economy declines according to the CDC.
  • How much of a burden will school students and seniors be to taxpayers? Taxpayers will spend about $125k educating one child and $500k caring for a senior. And we were all wondering why they created death panels for seniors.
  • From the "Tea Cup Calling the Kettle Black" file, Sen. Harry Reid said Trump is not presidential calibre.  Memo to Sen. Reid: If you were not a senator; you wouldn't be qualified to sign our shoes, you big dummy.
  • Hey, is there something going on in Libya? Just askin'.
  • Have you noticed the same old tire mantra anytime teachers bargain? They're doing it for the children. Next time you hear that fake and phony justification just imagine harps playing music in the background.
  • How well is the Libyan operation going? All you need to read is the latest headline from Reuters: "U.S., Allies See Libya In Hopeless Disarray."
  • Trump said Obama is the worst president in history. I can't agree with that conclusion. In my lifetime, I think LBJ, Carter and Nixon were worse. In fact, after the release of all the Nixon tapes in the last 30 years, I think he appears to have been a friggin lunatic. But Pres. Obama, in my opinion, may well be on his way.
  • You probably never heard of Walter Breuning. He was the world's oldest man. He was 114. He died yesterday. Good run Walt!
  • The Post Office will be issuing a new forever stamp. It has a photo of the Statue of Libery. There's just one little problem. It's not a photo of the Lady in the Hudson River harbor. No, it's a shot of the Statue of Liberty in.......Las Vegas. One commentator remarked: It's a "fitting metaphor...The Administration projects an illusion of liberty, not the real thing."
  • And from The Onion: "Vacation-Bound Rush Limbaugh To Do Nothing But Golf And Respect Minorities For Two Weeks."

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