Thursday, April 14, 2011

Biden Asleep?, Tax Truths, Where's Hillary?, Trump--Winning? Where's Hillary?

Current  political headline in The Onion: "Obama Orders Guantanamo Prisoners Transferred To Next President."
  • Slo Joe Biden never let's us down. It appears he fell asleep during the president's speech yesterday. But can you really blame him? He was listening to the same ol', same ol'.
  • We've been hearing a lot about taxes lately. Democrats want the rich to pay more. Republicans say the rich pay enough already. So what's the truth? According to the National Taxpayers Union, a non-partisan advocate for taxpayers, it breaks down like this: The top 50% of taxpayers pay over 97% of the taxes. Top 1% pay over 38%.  What do the bottom 50% pay? A whopping 2.7%. The president is proposing a tax hike on families who earn $250k a year.
  • These politicians keep proposing tax hikes for millionaires, billionaires and gazzilionaires. So I have just one question: How do families--making $250k a year--qualify as millionaires, billionaires, and gazzilionaires? That's why this entire process is dishonest from top to bottom.
  • The old adage just might be true. It's not that we don't pay enough in taxes; it's that the government spends too much.
  • Unemployment numbers came out today. Not good. They went UP!!! One top of that, USA Today is reporting the number of people working today fell to its lowest numbers since 1983.
  • Speaking of USA Today, their headline regarding the president's leadership in this budget debate says it all: "Better Late Than Never, Obama Gets In Deficit Debate."
  • Have you noticed something? Hillary has not been seen that much since she allegedly pushed the president into doing something about Libya. Or could it be her statements about Syria's dictator before he started murdering his own people? At the time, she said Syria's dictator was a "reformer."
  •  I'll keep asking this question again and again. What if Khadafy wins? What do we and NATO do then?
  • In case you missed it. Remember when France decided to do something about the thugs in the Ivory Coast two weeks ago? Well, the dictator who ruled the country for 10 years was overthrown several days ago.
  • According to the recent CNN Poll, Trump has almost doubled his support since the middle of March. That means he's solidifying some kind of base. But what is it?
  • The Denver Post is reporting that support for ObamaCare is down to 35% while 45% oppose it.
  • I don't think Pres. Obama is happy about this award. He received the Jefferson Muzzle Award from the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Speech. He was considered one of the worst violators of the First Amendment in 2010. And who did he share this award with?---BP Oil.
  • Remember, taxes are due on the 18th this year. Kimmel reminded his audience, it gives them an extra three days to go through dumpsters looking for receipts.

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