Saturday, April 9, 2011

No Gov't Shutdown: Booooo; Sheen A Bust in NYC, A Hit in Cleveland; Boots on the Ground?; TSA's Bad Performance Audit

A new study found that dads with two daughters are the happiest. Unless, of course, their dad currently has a 42% approval rating {Fallon}.
  • I was rooting for a shutdown, but not for the reasons many might think. I'm just ticked off now that almost 800,000 non-essential employees will still have jobs and will be paid.
  • By the way, the Dems had a majority in congress last year and still didn't pass a budget. Has anyone in the media had the guts to ask them a simple question like--why?
  • Broken record whining from Pelosi yesterday. She said Ryan's plan is a "path to poverty for America's seniors and children and road to riches for big oil." Please someone pass me a napkin.
  • And if you want to place this smoke and mirrors budget process in perspective, they were debating over a few billion dollars. They agreed to cut about $40 billion ($60 billion less than the Tea Party folks wanted) It would be like you debating someone in your family over spending less than a penny during the entire year. Remember our debt is over $14 trillion and the deficit is about $1.5 trillion.
  • Boehner might have won this time. Remember, the Democrats started with a big fat 0 in cuts. Then they moved from $0 to almost $40 billion. Makes no difference. $40 billion is about what the interest on our debt is for a week.
  • Well, Charlie Sheen was a bust in NYC last night. He was booed and tattooed. Andrea Peyser wrote, "Charlie Sheen stank up Radio City Music Hall last night like a flatulent goddess...He lobbed the F-bomb like a 4-year old with Tourette's..." One audience member said, "That was the worst show I've ever seen." (Note, this is in NYC he's talking about). But Sheen did well in Cleveland. Clevelanders liked him. So this is my take. I think the people who paid good money to see him in NYC should be the ones who should be booed. They knew what to expect. Whereas, Clevelanders also knew what to expect and they liked it. Who are the real dummies?
  • With all of the hoopla surrounding the budget, you might have missed this news: Army Gen. Ham told congressional representatives last week that we might consider sending ground troops to Libya.
  • I asked this question last month: what happens if Kadhafi remains in power?
  • How secure are our airports? Consider this report in the NY Post today. And audit was done at Newark Airport recently, and they found the following: TSA complacency and lack of focus, "the performance of the TSA here at Newark Liberty International has been on a gradual decline," and there's been an insufficient flow of communications. Folks, if you think this is only specific to Newark, think twice.
  • This can't be good news. Fox is reporting that Oprah will not publicly endorse Pres. Obama in 2012. (Note operative word here is: "publicly.")
  • From The Onion's weekender magazine, "10 Tips to Really Increase Your Back Pain."

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