Friday, April 8, 2011


Well, it looks like we might be headed for a government shutdown. And you thought Joe Biden had nothing to do before {Leno}.
  • During the last major government shutdown in 1995, the government determined that 99% of the employees at HUD were non-essential. That implies we could get rid of a whole lot of employees. In fact, that implies we can get rid of entire departments. I'd start with the Dept. of Education. Since education is largely operated by localities, we need the Dept. of Education like we need another big, fat ass.
  • By the way, I don't even think the government was shut down during the Civil War.
  • With more government workers today than in most of industry, that tells me we have more "takers" than "makers."
  • If Trump does decide to run for president, it might end up being the best reality show ever.
  • Pres. Obama has decided to run for president again in 2012. His campaign slogan this time? "Change You Can Believe In--this time--I Promise."{Leno}
  • USA Today reports that the quality of our military recruits today is the best ever. Last year, 99% of recruits had a high school diploma.
  • Geraldo was on IMus this morning. He said the Libyan rebels are a mess. They lack any discipline. In fact, he says they shoot their guns more in the air in celebration than shooting at the enemy.
  • Gates said the U.S. is willing to extend its stay in Iraq, "We are willing to have operations beyond 2011." I believe I recall Pres. Obama, when he campaigned for president, promised we'd be out of Iraq in 16 months.
  • How bad is it on our southern border? Yesterday, 59 bodies were found after they were abducted two weeks ago. Still thinking of vacationing there?
  • On the lighter side, who is this guy Russel Brand anyway? He has a remake of Arthur out. Folks, I'm one who does not like to look into the mirror that much anymore--for obvious reasons--but this guy Brand has to be one of the strangest and scariest looking human beings in Hollywood.
  • Pres. Obama was in NYC twice this week. One a $35,000/per plate fundraiser and another for Al Sharpie Sharpton. Can anyone tell me what this black President has done for blacks in the last two years?--Just sayin'.
  • NJ papers reported this week that traces of Japanese radioactivity has been found in NJ's air this week. I can see the NJ jokes coming again.
  • Disney is planning on opening in China. This one will be built by children, for children {Conan}.

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