Monday, April 11, 2011

Paul Ryan, Teacher Support Cop Killer, Jesus Burned, Leaving Iraq?, The Power of the Social Media

In the Science section of The Onion, the headline for the day reads: "India's Top Physicists Develop Plan To Get The Hell Out Of India."
  • All of this political rangling reminds me of a story I believe shows how obsessive partisanship can lead to looking at the world with blinders on. Moshe Dayan, an Israeli military hero and former Foreign Minister of Israel, was caught speeding one day. As the cop looked down, he suddenly noticed it was Dayan. Dayon wore a black eye patch over his left eye. The cop said to him he was speeding. Dayan looked up at the cop and said, "Well officer, do you prefer I look at the road or at my speedometer?"--- I'm taking off now, and I'll be looking at the road.
  • Gotta give Rep. Paul Ryan some credit for his plan to cut trillions of dollars in the coming years. Pres. Obama announced he will present his new plan this week to cut the defict. Coincidence?
  • In the 8 days preceding the vote to cut $38.5 billion, our national debt rose $54 billion.
  • With the above numbers in mind, can you believe the Republican elite are actually praising this budget deal? ---CHUMPS.
  • From a letter to Andrea Peyser of the NY Post regarding the President's support of Al Sharpton, "Unbelievable. This 'rev' has been in jail...owes money to the IRS {he's claimed the government wants to intimidate him}, was the ring leader in the 'Tawana Brawley' rape hoax. And our president flies to New York to pay tribute? This country is going down the drain." Peyser reminded her readers that "Obama once dismissed Sharpton as divisive. Now he'll sell his soul in exchange for help delivering the minority vote...When did leadership get so cheap?"
  • Since I'm from Philadelphia, I'm well versed in everything about cop killer, Mumia Abu-Jamal. But it appears teachers in California are not. The California Federation of Teachers adopted a resolution in support of this filth. This really makes me sick.
  • In Minn., someone set a statue of Jesus ablaze. I can see it now: thousands of Christians world-wide will start going nuts and hacking innocent people to death. As someone noted: tolerance appears to only go one way.
  • Unless you missed the news last week, the Pentagon is having second thoughts about leaving Iraq in 8 months.
  • When the Egyptians cheered Mubarak's ouster and the military took over, I said at the time--Yo folks, that means you now have a military dictatorship. According to Reuters this morning, the Egyptian army announced its placing curbs on free speech.
  • Two stories in USA Today show the power of the social media. In one story, it shows how useful the media is today when it comes to crises and catastrophes like what happened in Japan. Google even has a crisis response team. The other story is about the use of social media in politics. Mayoral recalls by voters are now going viral. Almost 60 mayors across the nation have faced recalls largely due to the power of the social media. They write, "Unhappy voters no longer wait until the next election to boot someone out of office." They now use the power of the internet that allows them to spread the word and gather recall petitions more quickly.
  • Public School Update: Remember that $100 million gift Zukerberg of Facebook gave Newark Public Schools last year? There appear to be questions about how it's being used. It appears the $100 million is not helping to heal the deep divisions on how the students are served in Newark.
  • Dumb Ass Quote of the Day: Alec Baldwin: "What's crippled Obama's administration as far as I'm concerned, is the financial crisis. And it's preventing him from doing any new spending."

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