Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Deficits Explodes!, Internet Tax Bill, Where's the Leadership?, and The Dumb Ass Political Quote of the Week

Obama said he really misses being anonymous. If he wanted to remain anonymous, he should have have run for vice president. {Leno}

  • With all of the debates going on regarding the budget, the debt and the deficit, the U.S. Treasury reported today the deficit shot up 15.7% in the first six months of fiscal year 2011.
  • It's no secret politicans just can't keep their hands out of our pockets. CBS is reporting that Sen. Dick Durban of Ill. will introduce an internet tax bill soon. This will have an adverse impact on those millions who now shop on the internet. Hey, there's nothing like a new tax to stop an economy cold in its tracks, is there? If I recall correctly, little Dickie Durbin called those who opposed ObamaCare idiots. I think this yo-yo was looking into a mirror at the time.
  • More on the new free Egypt. Did you know since the military took over in Egypt, it's being reported over 10,000 civilians have been convicted and sentenced by military tribunals? They've even convicted a blogger of insulting the army. He was reporting on military abuses.
  • Mitt Romney announced via the internet he's setting up an exploratory committee regarding a run for the presidency yet again. Did many feel the same way I did when I heard and watched that breaking news?--- YAWN! And what's this thing about wearing casual cloths? I know his handlers want him to appear less stiff, by getting him out of a suit and tie.  If I could get a message out to Romney, I'd say: don't turn into Al Gore. He was a fake, phony and fraud. He even used different accents depending on what audience he was talking to. Mitt--be yourself. Look presidential. Don't be a phony.
  • Not too long ago, President Obama and many in Congress hailed the legislative repeal of "Don't ask; Don't tell." Today, the White House unveiled their initiative to support military families. Just one minor problem: they didn't bother to invite any gay representatives. A number of gay and lesbian troops lodged a complaint later in the day.
  • For over a year, I and others have been taking shots at the Obama administration for its lack of leadership from the economy to the BP oil leak to what's happening in the Middle East and N. Africa to a host of other areas. Richard Cohen, a liberal columnist for the Washington Post, apparently agrees. In his piece today, "When the President Lacks a Compass," he wrote, "'Change' won't do anymore. It's leadership we need." In short, he summed it up this way, "Obama punts on Libya and the budget."
  • The Dumb Ass Political Quote of the Week:  Nancy Pelosi , appearing at Tufts University earlier this week said, "But the fact is elections should not matter as much as they do."
  • The Dumb Ass Public School Decision of the Week: To be politically correct, a school in Seattle renamed Easter Eggs---Spring Spheres. Folks, do you see why so many of our children graduate certifiably stupid? {Source: My Northwest}
  • But there is good news, The Onion has a great breaking news video entitled, "How To Get A Guy To Notice You While You're Having Sex With Him." Check it out ladies.

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