Monday, April 18, 2011

Tax Facts; Palin + Trump Strategies; Lady Gaga or Lady Ka Ka; Detroit vs. Unions; Arnold On His Body; Remains of First Gay Cave Man Found

Something all Americans need to know: Slo Joe Biden and air traffic controllers will not sleep until our airspace is safer.
  • Americans spend over 6 billion hours doing their taxes. And when do you start making money for yourself? The average number of days is 102. In states where taxes are really, really, really, really high (i.e. NY, NJ, CA and some others), it's as high as 126 days.
  • I don't think Palin will run. I think she has to make it appear she will run, because she'll continue to rake in the big bucks. Could that be the same reason Trump is doing what he's doing now?
  • The U.S. is borrowing $2 million a MINUTE.
  • Have you noticed a lingering phenomena? Congress rarely talks about jobs or jobs creation.
  • I'm anxious to hear what the president's new campaign slogan will be. You know he can't use "Hope and Change." That would sound like a goof. They need to come up with something else; and, in the coming months, I know I'll think of something they can use.
  • According to Zogby pollsters, 38% of national respondents said Pres. Obama deserves re-election.  And, according to Gallup, the president's support among blacks and Latinos continues to fall. The Latino support has taken almost a 20 point drop since inauguration day.
  • Speaking of polls, Rasmussen is reporting  in a head-to-head with Obama vs Trump--it's Obama 49% and Trump at 34%. These are likely voters.
  • How much is Medicare's liability now? How about  somewhere between $45 trillion to $90 trillion. That shortfall is so huge even taxes can't possibly fill that gaping hole.
  • Lady Gaga appears to have offended Catholics in her new video she's releasing during Easter Week. Ka Ka is portraying Mary Magdalene as being in love with Judas. Hey, don't worry Ka Ka, you don't have to fear that any Catholics will hunt you down and kill you like some other religions we know--wink, wink.
  • Who would have ever imagined Detroit politicians going after unions? Well, that's what's happening.  Detroit Mayor, Dave Bing (former NBA great), and the school's superintendent, are planning on sending out about 5,500 layoff notices to the district's salaried employees. Bing is proposing cuts in city workers' health and pensions to get a handle on a $200 million huge hole in the city's budget.
  • Now if only the City of Philadelphia could do the same. If you're a vendor and you want to set up a booth at the Convention Center, the Philadelphia Business Journal  reports you  have to have a union guy do it for you--at the cost to you  of $107.00/hr. That's $24 more than the national average.  You're not even allowed to plug in anythinng yourself. It has to be done by someone from the electrical union. A report by state officials found that the city is losing convention bookings because of the aggressive union tactics.  It's estimated the city's hotels have lost over  400,000 room nights for the same reason. The Chicago Tribune reported the same type of problems in Chicago. My take: unions have every right to make a buck like anyone else, but it appears--from many of the reports I've read--some unions are taking advantage of vendors.  In addition, some of their tactics can be described as "thuggish." Just sayin'.
  • Arnold said recently, "I feel $h!tty when I look at myself in the mirror..when I stand in front of the mirror and really look, I wonder: What the {bleep} happened here?  Jesus Christ. What a beating!" Welcome to the club Arnold. It's called joining "geezerhood." (NY Post, Page Six)
  • Taxpayers still own 26% of GM. In the last two years, GM burned through four CEO's. And what about the Volt?  Consumer Reports says the car "just doesn't make a lot of sense." Only 1,210 Volts have been sold to date.
Archaeologists believe they've found the remains of the first gay caveman.  He was found on the 2nd row at a Bette Midler concert {Letterman}.

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