Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Compassion Is The Word; Trump's Bump---Will It Last?; S+P's Right Hook; Manson Finally Speaks; The Hidden Taxes, Lady Ka Ka

From The Onion today: "IRS Can't Believe Area Man Didn't Get A Raise Last Year. "Four years of busting his ass in sales and not even a cost-of-living increase?" said IRS agent Trevor Khan.

  • Well, I have to pat myself on the back. If you recall, yesterday I was wondering what slogan Pres. Obama's campaign would be using this time around since "Hope and Change" would really sound stupid now. It was reported on Fox News this morning, just as I was putting my skivvies on, that the new buzzword will be.......COMPASSION. If I recall, a previous president of the U.S. also used that word. I think that president has a W in his name.
  • Some people are saying a good sign that the economy is recovering is McDonald's plan to hire 50,000 new employees. That is good. But I suspect it has little to do with the economy. I suspect it has more to do with McDonald's getting a waiver from ObamaCare. Since they will not incur the high costs of ObamaCare, they now have more flexibility to hire. That's my take.
  • It's really going to be interesting to see who emerges from the Republican Party to take on Pres. Obama. It's a major chore to unseat any seating president. Right now, Trump has a bump. But will it last? And who is benefiting from his non-campaign campaigning now?
  • On the Democrat side, I think it's going to be difficult for Pres. Obama to run on his "record." He'll have to do some major spinning.  He'll tout ObamaCare of course and probably some other things like his energy policy, (might be hard if fuel will be over 5 bucks a gallon), education, etc. So Pres. Obama will have his own obstacles to overcome.
  • Gary Busey announced that he will vote for Trump. I suspect that will bring in maybe 10-12 votes.
  • In my title, I was originally going to write, "S+P's Sucker Punch," but that would not have been accurate. Anyone breathing knows we have a major debt crisis on our hands. And yesterday, Standard and Poor told us: you better get your act together folks or your AAA rating will be in jeopardy. And, if that happens, it would increase borrowing costs for home buyers (just what a lousy home market does not need now) and for the government borrowing. It will also threaten the value of the dollar. One good thing about this S+P threat--perhaps it will light a match under the arses of the nitwits we now have in D.C. And on top of all of this, Europe is also in a debt crisis.
  • Well there is some good news for the global warming crowd. They've gained a new ally.  No, it has nothing to do with big, fat Al Gore. It's better. Charles Manson finally spoke after 20 years, and he went on a global warming rant {Source: UK Mail}.
  • USA Today is reporting California lawmakers are considering a plan to require public schools to teach gay history. I support that. It's about time in my opinion. But I have one caveat: it should not be at the expense of editing out other important historical events.
  • As everyone knows by now, our esteemed Treasury Secretary, little Timmy Geithner, had some tax issues before Pres. Obama named him to head the IRS. It was reported earlier this week that Eric Holder was also cited for not paying some property taxes.  Of course, the excuses both of these esteemed men used--would count for butkus if we tried using them with the IRS.
  • The foreign press is reporting that Nigerians might have elected a Christian as president. That's pretty good news for that part of the world. The bad news: Muslims are now rioting. What's that about "tolerance?"
  • The Daily Caller is reporting that government regulations cost our economy almost $2 trillion in 2008. In other words, it's a hidden tax.
  • Lady Ka Ka will be releasing her "Judas" video on Easter Sunday.
  • The Feds announced they caught another sleeper cell. Not terrorists--air traffic controllers {Leno}.

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