Friday, May 27, 2011

Honoring Our Heroes On Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is all about honoring and remembering those who died in the service of our country in all wars. With the current wars, we should also take a few minutes this weekend in reflection and be thankful for those who served, and those who continue to serve. The following are some of my thoughts on our brave fighting men and women past and present.

Savior Down

It was raining blood on blood,
as tracers lit up the black sky
like hundreds of shooting stars on a Montana summer night.

The medic tended to another fallen hero.
Feeling a beating pulse stronger and faster than a Ringo drum roll,
he smiled.

In the distance, another familiar cry for a savior.
He leaped to his feet and ran like he did a lifetime ago
through fields of mud, helmets and cleats.

In his third stride, he felt a sudden, violent burning detonation in his chest.
His ribs cracked as both knees buckled.

Face-up, he watched the shooting stars in the night sky,
momentarily reminding him of Independence Day back home.

His eyes finally faded into darkness
as he felt his heart thirst for one more beat that would not come.

A savior was down.

Copyright 2003

Battlefield Angels

I am with you--whispered the corpsman to another fallen hero.

I am with you--
he repeated as he wiped the crimson tears streaming down the young Marine's face.

The Marine's eyes opened slowly as his lips struggled to smile.
He knew Taps would not sound.
He knew his flag would remain at full mast.
For he knew, he was saved by a battlefield angel.

As his pain faded and his eyelids grew heavy, once again the young Marine
heard the soft whisper of the battlefield angel--

I am with you.

Copyright 2003


Rock and Roll Warriors

They were the first Rock and Roll Warriors,
as Hendrix, Credence and the Stones accompanied them into battle.

They were young men,
bound by courage and touched by fire.

Every day, like a shadow, death followed their every move.

Only those who evaded the shadows,
returned home.
Some in one piece,
others in pieces.

But their war would not end.

Haunted by nightmares of fallen heroes,
their time warp dance began--
living here, but being there.

Some rode the storm out.
Others found friends in smack and Jack.

The first Rock and Roll Warriors now grow weary and old,
and some have died.

But once, a lifetime ago, there were all
bound by courage and touched by fire.

Copyright 2002

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