Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Muslims Celebrate Israel's Birthday; Did Newt Blow It?; We've Hit the Ceiling; Newark Peace Education Summit; The President's Credibility Probems with Latinos; The Bounce is Gone

According to Leno, one of the top ten surprises we found out about bin-Laden: Turns out he was kinda of a coward.

  • To celebrate Israel's 63rd birthday, Muslims did what Muslims do best--they attacked Israel this week.
  • The conservatives and Tea Party folks are blasting Newt for what he said on his appearance on "Meet The Press" this past Sunday. In short, he referred to Paul Ryan's (not by name) budget proposals "radical." He also appears to support the individual mandate for health care. So the question now is: did Newt already stumble out of the starting gate? Only time will tell, but I doubt this guy has a chance anyway.
  • Unless you live in the NY/NJ area, you probably didn't hear about the Peace Education Summit in Newark, NJ, this past weekend. The Dalai Lama showed up as did Deepak Chopra and Richard Gere. The intent was to do something about the soaring murder and crime rates in Newark. Personally, I doubt this will have any effect on gang bangers like the Grips and Bloods. But, who knows, it might work a lot like chicken soup. They plan on training "social researchers." Oh, and one more thing to add to the credibility of this event. The guest speaker was non other than----- Goldie Hawn. Does anyone think the Lama, Gere, Chopra and Goldie actually walked through the streets of Newark?
  • In addition to the two creeps the NYPD busted for planning terror attacks last week, a Florida iman and two of his sons were arrested yesterday on charges they provided money to the Taliban in Pakistan.
  • Well folks, we've hit the debt ceiling yet again. We are now $14.294 trillion in debt. Most likely, we will raise it again.
  • Congressional Crook Update: Charles Rangel is still in office.
  • I'm no big fan of oil companies, but I found the dog and pony show in the US Senate last week interesting.  Our esteemed fake, phony and fraud Senators were questioning oil company executives about oil subsidies. Democrat senators want subsidies lowered because they believe it would reduce the deficit and fuel prices. I don't know if that would happen, but I do know this. Why don't they grill GE for not paying taxes? Oil companies pay billions in taxes a year. Oh, wait a minute. I think I know why. Yes, that's it.  GE's CEO is a good buddy of the administration.
  • I did like how the CEO of Chevron replied to Sen. Chuck "Chuckie Cheese" Schumer when Schumer talked about shared sacrifice. The Chevron CEO replied, "I don't think the American people want shared sacrifice...I think they want shared prosperity."
  • As reported last week, Latinos are not happy campers. Albor Ruiz writes columns for the NY Daily News on immigration issues. He wrote this recently, "Message to President Obama: Your strategy to win back the trust and votes of Latinos...is doomed to failure. After three years of your presidency, the time for nice words and empty promises is long gone." Ouch!!!He continued, "President Obama, we do not need more promises, we want action!" Of course, Mr. Ruiz is speaking about The Dream Act and the stopping of deportations of undocumented youth. Ruiz also wrote, "He {Obama} can provide relief to Dreamers. He can stop turning local law enforcement into immigration agents." I don't believe Ruiz is being honest here. I'm certain new policies were put in place by Homeland Security over a year ago that reduced the ability of local law enforcement to arrest and screen illegal immigrants. It's one of the reasons why Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona gets hammered so often. He's enforcing the immigration laws regardless of any new policies coming out of Washington.
  • And Univision's anchor, Jorge Ramos, said, "Obama has a credibility problem right now with Latinos."
  • Speaking of Latinos, why is the carnage that's going on in Mexico not getting the air play it should be getting? This week authorities found yet another mass grave. In just the last several weeks, they've found mass graves of almost 500 people who've been murdered.
  • So Trump fired himself. Did anyone think he would do anything different? I've always believed it was about promoting his brand. I think I was right.
  • In the presidential tracking poll by Gallup, Pres. Obama dropped two more points since yesterday {"Obama's Brief Spurt."{Star Ledger}. He's back to where he was before Osama was whacked. I think I might know why. He got that bounce because he acted like the Commander in Chief. However, many just don't think he's a good president.

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