Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pelosi's District Gets Bo-Coop ObamaCare Waivers; Cuomo Like Christie?, Few Blacks in Nation's Newsrooms; Republicans Need a Leader; Newt = Edwards; They Know Everything About Us, Everything

Donald Trump said he will not run for president. You know why? He can't find his birth certificate(Leno).

  • In the "Gee, what a friggin suprise file," Pelosi's district has received over 200 waivers from ObamaCare. These include waivers to up-scale restaurants, cafes and clubs. It accounted for 20% of all waivers granted last month. Total number of waivers now are up to over 1,300 (Free Republic).
  • Why so many waivers now (affecting almost  3 million, with about 1.5 million who are union members)? The admnistration, in my opinion, wants to limit ObamaCare's damage prior to the 2012 elections.
  • Watch Rick Perry, Gov. of Texas. He appears to be making a move.
  • Who would ever have imagined that Gov. Andrew Cuomo of NY would be more like Chris Christie than like his own father, former NY Gov., Mario Cuomo? Both Cuomo's come from very liberal backgrounds; yet, Andrew is behaving more like a Republican than a Democrat. He wants to put a cap on property taxes. He wants to boost the retirement age of all public employees, including teachers, from 62 to 65 (most can now retire early at 55 and still get handsome pensions). He wants them to double their contributions to their pension funds. He wants to get rid of "padding" pensions. He believes these actions would save almost $100 billion over 30 years.
  • Some people are saying the flooding in the Miss. delta is worse than Katrina.
  • It's always amazed me when the liberal media takes shots on some conservatives for being racists. Have you noticed that most major network newsrooms in this country are full of WHITE journalists and commentators. MSNBC goes on these rants and when did they ever have an African-American host in their lineup? These people are the biggest hipocrites on the planet.
  • Another thing regarding this media. How come they always tougher on Republicans than on the President or the Democrats? We're into this economic mess now over 3 years, and one rarely sees Dems getting hit pieces like those against Republicans. Remember, Dems have been in charge of the nation's purse strings since 2006.
  • Speaking of Republicans, when the heck will they ever get anyone remotely close to a leader?
  • You know when Newt lost me? ---when he did that global warming commercial with Pelosi a few years back. In addition, I don't see much difference between him and John Edwards, another sleazebag.
  • Four white teachers have filed racial bias law suits against the Philadelphia school district. They accused a black principal of creating an hostile work environment. They are charging he suggested they were unfit to teach black children. Folks, this is not new. This kind of racism by blacks has been around a long time. It's one of the worst kept secrets in many urban schools in America.
  • They can read everyone of your emails. They may even have your photo on file. They can view your house and even the street it's on. They know everything you do online. They know your physical location.  They know who your friends are. They know where you bank. They know where you shop. They know more about you than you know about yourself.  They are Google. 1984 was almost 30 years ago folks. Privacy? No such thing anymore.

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