Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Plight of One Vietnam Vet; Olberman Really is a Jerk; Why Would Israel Put Itself At Risk?; CIA Director: Don't Blab; AARP Gets Waiver Too; Hospital "Weeked Effect" is True

On Twitter regarding the Apocalypse that did not happen yesterday: "Weird, heaven looks exactly like my house."

  • David Christian is a Vietnam Veteran. This past week he finally got his law degree from Rutgers. But here's the rest of the story. After he was discharged from the service at 21 in 1973, he decided to go to Law School (he graduated from Villanova). In Vietnam, he was shot in the back, chest, lets and left arm. He had napalm burns over 40% of his body. He received seven Purple Hearts, the Distinguished Service Cross, the Air Medal, two Silver Stars and more. At law school at Rutgers, he life became "hell." Professors and students alike mocked him constantly. Some administrators disputed the existence and severity of his war injuries. Some faculty members posted lists of purported Vietnam heroes--list that would include North Vietnamese names (think Jane Fonda as you read this folks). His environment became too hostile, (for you younger folks, this type of attitude toward Vietnam vets and Vietnam era vets was common during that period) and he left Rutgers went on with his life. Years later, his daughter contacted Rutgers and told them of her father's plight at the school in the 1970's. This time the new dean happened to be a Vietnam vet himself. David Christian graduated with a law degree from Rutgers last week at the age of 62.(Philadelphia Inquirer: "Vietnam Hero Cures An Old Rutgers Wound")
  • Those of you who  have known me for a long time, know how much I really dislike Herr Keith Olberman. In addition to being a jerk when he was on MSNBC, a new expose on ESPN appears to agree with my observation of this knucklehead. "Olberman left in 1997 {ESPN}. Many staff members were relieved, to say the least...One producer commented after he heard false rumors that Olberman would return to SportsCenter: 'He first has to stand in the reception area and everyone who wants to gets to come up and punch him in the stomach.'" Bottom line: Olberman didn't have too many friends at ESPN, if any {NY Post}
  • Prime Minister Netanyahu said it best this week, "Peace based on illusions will crash eventually on the rocks of Middle East reality." Folks, how does Israel deal with Hamas when Hamas has called for Israel's destruction. And as Netanyahu pointed out this week, "It's {Hamas} fired thousands of rockets on our cities, on our children. It's recently fired an anti-tank rocket at a yellow school bus, killing a 16 year-old boy." Israel even considering going  back to the 1967 borders would be suicide. Something our administration does not appear to understand.
  • I have a practical question: How do you go back to the 1967 borders when it's 2011 or later? Makes absolutely no sense. It's a much different world now especially in light of the war on terrorism. Why would Israel put itself further at risk?
  • Question for those who believe humansare responsible for global warming. Didn't glaciers start receding BEFORE the Industrial Revolution?
  • Leon Panetta, CIA director, warned CIA employees that legal action will be taken if there are any more leaks about the bin-Laden operation. Well, it's about friggin time!
  • Speaking of intelligence F-Ups, did you hear the story about Anwar al-Awlaki? He's an American who happens to be on CIA's capture and kill list. In fact, with the death of bin-Laden, Awlaki is taking on greater significance. This radical Imam was actually at the Pentagon in 2002 for a speaking engagement. He also had lunch there (Fox News).
  • Guess who got a recent waiver from ObamaCare? None other than AARP. Should surprise no one since they were the biggest supports of ObamaCare. AARP might be the biggest sell-out of them all. I really despise this group (there--my opinion for the day). Michael Goodwin of the NY Post wrote today, "Together, the waivers offer more proof that the misguided law {ObamaCare} doesn't work in the real world and that even its biggest Democratic proponents were cynical at best about the impact." By the way, it's now Nevada, Maine and New Hampshire that have received waivers. Goodwin suggest that all we need is a single waiver for the entire country and be done with it.
  • The infamous "Weekend Effect" appears to be true.  Now Tuft's University reported that those patients who get admitted to the hospital on a weekend have a 10% higher chance of dying. So the answer is quite simple: just don't get admitted to a hospital on a weekend if you can help it.

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