Monday, May 23, 2011

Let's Say a Few Prayers First;Does Iowa Really Exist?; Imagine; Cain Enters Race, Daniels is Out

"So...Jesus has to work just one day in 2,000 years and he doesn't show up. This is why the Chinese are beating us."--Family Guy.

  • Before I begin, let's not forget the folks in Alabama, Missouri and some of the many other places hit by those tornadoes. Alabama's cleanup will be the greatest rebuilding effort since the Civil War. So they all could use our prayers folks.
  • I don't understand why Iowa is always so important during the campaign season. I'm convinced the state really does not exist. Think about it. Other than every four years, we don't hear anything about that state. It's like it just appears out of the blue during campaigns. In fact, we hear more about Idaho, and that's only because of the potatoes.
  • Imagine yourself living in Manhattan. Then imagine that all the outer boroughs like the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, etc. are fighting and killing each other. Also, let's imagine those boroughs are all about 5-10 times larger than Manhattan. On top of that, they despise Manhattan. In fact, one borough keeps sending rockets and missiles on top of them almost everday. And all of the boroughs don't even want Manhattan to exist anymore. Then imagine the mayor of Detroit coming down to the area and telling Manhattanites they also need to give up 40% of their land to Hoboken, NJ. That'll leave Manhattan with Central Park and the East Side of the city. The entire West Side would belong to Hoboken. So if you lived in Manhattan--how would you feel? Now--simply replace Manhattan with Israel. And now you know how they've felt every single day since 1948.
  • There are about 22 Arab/Muslim countries. Why can't they give some land to the Palestinians so they can have their own country?
  • A cartoon that appeared in a local paper this week regarding Arnold. It shows Maria leaving the bedroom, carrying her bags. Arnold is in bed with that other woman, and she's not exactly a hottie. He has this goofy look on his face. The bubble above Maria's head says, "Better get a lawyer Arnold...and an optometrist."
  • Herman Cain, a black Republican, finally took the plunge. He entered the race this weekend. There is one good feature about his entering--it might put a fork into the race card. He also came out of the blocks running. Regarding the Palestinians, he said he's not convinced they want a peace deal.  Therefore, he would offer them NOTHING. I like this guy already.
  • And Mitch Daniels takes a pass. So what does this mean for Republicans? Some way the pressure might be on for Chris Christie or Paul Ryan to enter the race now.
  • The backlog in Immigration Court is now almost a mind boggling 280,000 cases (U.S. Justice Department).
  • After Chris "Tingles" Mathews said it was truly pathetic that Roger Ailes, Fox CEO, put Sarah Palin on TV, Ailes fired back by saying, " was truly pathetic that I was the one who gave Chris Mathews his start on television." (Newsbusters). By the way, why aren't knuckleheads like Mathews hammered for their conspicuous sexism anyway?
  • Don't know about you folks, but I'm sick of hearing about Oprah.
  • NJ's news outlets are reporting that Pres. Obama's investigative teams are in New Jersey trying to find dirt on Chris Christie.
  • Headline in The Onion today: "Neurologists Implore Professional Athletes To Wait Until They Are Dead To Send In Brains For Research."

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