Tuesday, May 3, 2011

W's Policies Vindicated, Pres. Obama Had a Good Weekend, Back to Reality, Obama's and Romney's Dilemmas on HealthCare

The Onion on the killing of Osama: "Violent Death Of A Human Being Terrific News For Once."

"Justice is a political word. To me, this is revenge." John Carter who lost his brother on 9/11.
  • Let's be clear. George W's policies--in the face of mass political criticism-- have been vindicated and enabled us to get Osama. We now know the Left's policies from wanting Gitmo closed (where we got valuable information to make this operation happen. Information we started receiving in 2007 for this op) to ending rendition, to pursuing and criminalizing CIA interrogations and more---would not have resulted in this outcome.
  • The fact is Pres. Obama benefited from W's war on terror policies, and good for him. He had to let go of his long held previous beliefs on how to fight this war on terrorism. He was one of the previous administration's biggest critics. I hope he's seen the light, and keeps his eyes focused on what we need to do in the future.  And that means moving on to whacking the new #1, then 2, then 3, then 4, ....until we get everyone of them.
  • And to help the Administration and the American people focused on the mission, as of Sunday, 4,440 U.S. servicemembers and 13 Defense Department civilians had been reported killed in the Iraq War. In Afghanistan, 1,448 and two Defense Department civilians. And we really had a bad week in Afghanistan last week with 13 killed. I thought I'd report this since during W's administration, reports of those lost actually made the news {and those reports were done for purely political reasons}.
  • One question I do have for the mukity-mucks in D.C.: Why was it so important to let Muslims know we got rid of this prick according to Muslim ritual? Who the f^ck cares? Why allow this PC bullsh!t to enter this noble operation.
  • Many Muslims, including high ranking Islamic scholars, are angry at what we did. I have only one response to all of them: FU.
  • Even I have to admit the president had a good weekend. He dumped on Trump Friday at the correspondence dinner and then dumped Osama on Sunday.
  • It's sad we will probably never know the names of the brave heroes who carried out this mission. If anyone deserves a parade, they do.
  • Now back to reality. 5 million people will be losing their unemployment benefits very soon.
  • For those Republicans planning to run for president who may now be feeling they have a harder road ahead of them, remember this: After the First Gulf War, Bush 1 was polling in the high 80's in terms of his popularity. Less than 2 years later, he lost to someone hardly anyone even knew several years earlier--Bill "The Big Dog" Clinton.
  • Obama and Romney will face some dilemmas. Romney has to try to defend RomneyCare, but it has not worked too well in his former state of Mass. Waits to see doctors now can take up to 2 months (it's that shortage of physicians that I personally warned about over a year ago. NY Post had a piece this week on "The Coming Physician Shortage". And the American Association of Medical Colleges reported that we can face a shortfall of up to 150,000 physicians in the next 15 years). ObamaCare is largely RomneyCare on a national level. So maybe it's a push.
  • They're back! Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood plans a big role in the new government. Gee, didn't we warn about this--two months ago?
  • And, of course, we learned something we always knew: we can't trust the Pakis. So Mr. President--stop giving them all that friggin money--please. Throw them overboard like you did Osama.
  • The Middle East media and other organizations are reporting we now face a broader threat of terrorism. We should say to them: we're waiting. The oceans and the seas still have a lot of room left.

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