Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Fringes Just Can't Help Themselves, Kent State, Any Bounce Yet? Bush Not Going, Fuel $9 A Gallon Now

I would like to kill Ben Laden every Sunday night. It makes for a much brighter start to the week {Kimmel}.

The fringes just can't help themselves.

Regarding the Osama operation, the Right side of the political isle needs to face this reality: the president, as Commander in Chief, performed competently. Most Republicans and conservatives responded well and have given the president the credit he deserves.  But there are some who just can't get over the fact that the president did something well for once. Memo to the Right: you can't win a debate when you attack your opponent from his/her position of strength.

Then there's the other knuckleheads on the Left. As most main-stream Republicans and conservatives praised Pres. Obama these last two days, those bottom-dwelling parasites on the Left just had to take shots at Pres. Bush and his administration as evidenced by moderators on MSNBC and some editorials, ie NY Daily News. Allow me to offer up some facts. These are the scum buckets caught by the Bush administration:

  • Khalid Shaikh Mohammed: Mastermind of 9/11. Now at Gitmo.
  • Mohammed Atef: 9/11 Operations Mastermind. Dead.
  • Mustfa Abu Al-Yazid: Channeled funding for the 9/11 attacks: Dead.
  • Waleed Bin Attash: Trained the 9/11 hijackers: Now at Gitmo.
  • Mustaf Al-Hawsawi: Helped finance the 9/11 attacks. Now at Gitmo.
  • Ali Abd Al-Aziz Ali: Deputy to Shaikh Mohammed: Now at Gitmo.
  • And dozens and dozens of others now either dead or at Gitmo.
So folks, I guess those above just don't count. It's the Bush administration that laid the foundation for what happened on Sunday. And it's time many on the Left admit it.

And as the Left is so proud now, know this--they are the ones who hammered our military and intelligence services for the 8 years of the Bush administration. Herr Keith Olberman and Symour Hersh called our SEAL Teams in 2009 a "secret assassination ring." {Real Clear Politics}. And how can we forget others, like the late Congressman John Murtha, calling Marines cold-blooded killers. Then there was Sen. Harry Reid, a real skunk, who proclaimed the " this war is lost."Also, do not forget, these are the very same people who wanted Gitmo closed. These are the same people who wanted to scrap the Patriot Act. These are the very same people who wanted CIA agents responsible for enhanced interrogations arrested and tried. These are the very same people who wanted Pres. Bush impeached for what Pres. Obama is doing now. Quite frankly,  Pres. Obama was part of that group. But after he became president and started reading the daily intelligence briefings, I'm sure he said to himself, "Shoot, how can I have been so wrong? These people do want to kill us. This really is a war" This is precisely whey I believe he's been more hawkish on these wars than many in his own party.

In my opinion, the president and his administration have shown incredible incompetence on most domestic issues especially when it comes to managing the economy and jobs.

Back To Reality:

The White House must be awaiting some Gallup Polling because Rasmussen is reporting the president has not received a big bounce yet. The CBS/NYT Poll however shows an 11 percentage point bounce.

There is some debate about Bush turning down the offer to go to Ground Zero. In my opinion, it's clear. He wants Pres. Obama to enjoy the spotlight. Bush has always had more class than any of the others in the fraternity of presidents.

Has anyone seen the moderate Muslims yet?

In fact, where are Pelosi, Reid, Kerry and many other democrats anyway?

Trump has to stop taking himself so seriously. He needs to lighten up a bit.

While all of this is going on, we need to remember we still have a lot of homeless people down south because of those twisters that hit last week. And we've had more than 200 more in just the last few days. So many people are hurting.

"Recession is Over News:"  The U.S. Department of Agriculture is reporting that 1 in 7 Americans is now on food stamps.

Do you rent a car often or occasionally? Well, you need to know that most car rental companies now charge up to $9 a gallon for fuel. In other words, they're ripping us off.

"The Dumba$$ Quote of the Day" coming from---excuse me while I swallow hard--a Pittsburgh Steeler. This really breaks my heart.  Mendenhall, who also happens to be a "Truther," was not too pleased about our whacking Osama. He even tweeted, "We've only heard one side." As several people commented, it's probably the result of all his concussions. Another said, "The guy is a running back, not a Rhodes Scholar." I say: the guy is an idiot.

Kent State: 41 years ago today.

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