Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Disney World & Why I Despise It; Did Weiner Do It or Did His Weener Do It?; Mitt Ahead of Obama; 26 States Now Challenging ObamaCare; Is God Blowing Bubbles?

From the Onion: "Pool Noodle Has Another Season In Her."

  • Speaking of pool noodles and vacations, I hate Disney World. Believe me, I understand it's a great place for kids. But for adults (at least moi), I could not stand it. After we left the place (everything is fake: fake old buildings, fake trees, fake rocks, fake everything, even fake smiling by employees, etc.), I just wanted to take a shower in Purell. Epcot was okay even though all the international stuff was also all fake. I'll take Wildwood over Disney every time.
  • By the way, to all those D-Day Veterans out there: WHOAH!!! God bless all of you.
  • That brings me to another fake, phony and fraud:  Rep. Anothony Weiner. As many who have followed my rants, you know I called this jerk a long time ago. His arrogance is just so conspicuous; I was surprised he lasted so long. He gave it away in an interview he had with that foxy babe on Fox, Megyn Kelly, several months ago. She was interviewing him on split screen, and he was making dufis looking faces throughout the entire interview. I knew then--this guy is a first-class ahole.
  • How much are our unfunded obligations to Medicare, Social Security, Federal Debt and more?-- How about $61.6 trillion or $534,000 per American household (USA Today). That appears to me to be a slight problem.
  • According to the latest Washington Post/ABC Poll Romney now leads Pres. Obama 49-46% among registered voters.
  • "Recession Is Over News:" The construction industry is in for a long haul in terms of recovering. They added a whopping 2000 jobs last month. Their payrolls are down 2.2 million since 2007.
  • More "Recession Is Over News:"  CBS is now reporting that the current unemployment picture is worse than the Great Depression.
  • As of this week, 22 states are challenging ObamCare. And Barrons is reporting today that over 30% of companies will start dropping health coverage by 2014 because of ObamaCare. 1300 employers were canvassed.
  • NASA is reporting that the edge of our solar system is full of magnetic bubbles. So the question one is obligated to ask: Who is blowing those bubbles?

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