Thursday, June 2, 2011

Newest Medal of Honor Recipient; Recession is Over?; Weiner A Weener?; Republicans Don't Get A Pass Here; Brits Government Health Care On Verge of Collapse?

Headline from the Onion: "Report:  Economy Failing Because U.S. Built On Ancient Indian Burial Ground."

  • As we keep traveling southbound and down, I've noticed one major conspicuous phenomena: Much of what we've seen in the South so far is cleaner than up North. Savannah, Georgia, is a stunning city with over 22 municipal parks (they call "Squares."). The architecture reminded me a lot of New Orleans. Ditto for St. Augustine, Florida, the oldest town in America. Yes, we did take some photos of a cemetery at night in Savannah, and we caught one fascinating looking orb that was not in the previous frame. Interesting. But it's time to get back to some reality.
  • Sgt. 1st Class Leroy Aurthur Petry, U.S. Army Ranger, will receive the Medal of Honor. He's only the second living, active duty service member to receive this honor. He saved his fellow soldiers, because he grabbed a grenade tossed into an area where he and some men were taking cover in Paktia, Afghanistan, in May of 2008. As he tried to toss the grenade away, it exploded in his hand.
  • "Recession Is Over News:" Headlines around the country today: "Economic Horror As Data Plunges," "Bad Economic News Piles Up, Stocks Go Down." "Horror For U.S. Economy As Data Falls Off Cliff." You get the message. It appears economic forecasters are not optimistic of annual growth rate projections. Data that came out on manufacturing, housing, car sales, consumer prices and unemployment have not been impressive. Haven't many of us been saying for over two years now: WE TOLD YOU SO, YOU NITWITS?
  • Republicans are not getting off the hook. How often have they been talking about unemployment in the last several years?---barely. They're just as guilty of neglecting the economy as are the Democrats.
  • Jobless claims came in a few minutes ago: 422,000 applied for first-time unemployment last week---very weak.
  • As I've written about here for some months now: GOP voters are becoming less impressed with this Republican field. A Pew Research Poll found nearly four in ten Republicans and those who are right-of-center are not impressed with the current choices in the field right now. This is being reported as Romney launches his campaign this week.
  • The British papers are reporting the government health care system is facing complete collapse. Anyone who supports ObamaCare---are you listening? (Telegraph).
  • Just in case there is anyone out there who still does not consider our massive debt a problem, know this: we're borrowing about $4 billion A DAY!
  • How many people riding tour buses have to die before the Dept. of Transportation REALLY does something about the problem?
  • Did you know in Pres. Obama's book, "Dreams From My Father," Pres. Obama praised one of Rev. Wright's sermons?  What's the big deal one might ask? Well, in that sermon Wright said "white folks greed runs the world in need." After reading that piece, Obama said he was moved to tears. Gee, I think we were told prior to the last election that the Rev. Wright had absolutely no impact on Pres. Obama's life, even though he spent 20 years attending that anti-semite and America hating pastor's church (Thomas Sowell, The St. Augustine Record).
  • As many of you know by now, I really dislike Rep. Anthony Weiner. So I take--with the greatest of pleasure--that he appears to be in trouble for sending a photo of a man's crotch to a young women on Twitter. When asked about it in many interviews, he did not deny it. He told ABC News, "I'm reluctant to say anything definitively about this because I don't know to what extent our system was hacked." Say what? He's blaming it on his Twitter account being hacked, but he did not deny he sent it.  Looks like Weiner is a little bit of a pickle.

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