Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sarah Palin, Justin Bieber, Kesha, Heidi Montag, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Lady Ga Ga, Lindsay Lohan,Taylor Swift; 6000 Troops Needed On Our Border with Mexico; Perry vs. Romney; Cynthia McKinney--Still A First Class Dumb Ass; Michelle Obama Snubbed by South African President; Osama More Popular Than Obama in...

President Clinton and House Speaker Boehner played golf this weekend. Obama's handicap is Joe Biden.--Leno

  • When I get up each morning and check the news, I'm waiting to hear if any one of the Rolling Stones or Beatles died yet.
  • What do all those names have in common in my title? They are some of the most Googled persons on earth. Sarah Palin and Bieber have been the most searched in the last two years. Of course, my girl, Angelina Jolie, gets Googled a lot too (a lot of that is probably by me). But there's another reason I mention this worthless trivia. I'm hoping people who search those names trip over my blog.
  • Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu asked a good question this week. Why do we have more troops in South Korea than on the Mexican border. He points out there are almost 600 Guardsman on our border with Mexico that stretches 276 miles. He recommends at least 6000 National Guard troops are needed to protect our border.
  • Why are the racist accusations against Pres. Obama false as claimed by many on the Left? Because every single poll shows that most Americans like Obama as a person. In addition, many Americans are proud we have a black president. Many of those who oppose him, oppose his policies not his skin color.
  • Having said that, recent polls are not good news for the President. Bloomberg News in their poll found only 3 out of 10 Americans would vote for Obama.
  • And Obama's support of Egyptians tossing Mubarek out apparently did not help the president. A recent poll in Egypt shows Egyptians prefer Osama to Obama--21 to 12%. (Foreign Policy Magazine). That sucks!
  • Dick Morris points out today in his column that if Perry runs, he "can lay claim to Romney's signature issue: the economy. More than 40% of the US jobs created since 2009 have been in Texas, so Perry can run as Mr. Fix-it for the protracted recession." He adds however, "We will learn about Rick Perry and much of what we learn may or may not be good. With Romney, we know the good and the bad--and that's a big edge." I'd like to add to that: Romney has raised a lot of money. Perry would have a lot of catching up to do. After all, like everything else in politics, it always comes down to money.
  • "Dumb Ass Quote of the Day"--Cynthia McKinney is a former Democrat Congresswoman from Georgia. She's also a horse's ass. Not only did she appear on Libyan TV last May blasting U.S. policy, but this week she said U.S. does not have free education. She added that's why Libya is a much better place to live. I wonder what the families of the victims murdered by Kadaffi must think of this nitwit's statements.
  • Which states were the winners and losers in the last 10 years? Winners included Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Arizona and Florida. Losers included: California, Georgia, New Jersey, Mass., Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Mo. and Wisconsin. The industrial states took the biggest hit. Michigan and Ohio were the only states to end the decade economically smaller than when it began (USA Today).
  • This can't be good news for the White House. South African President snubbed Michelle Obama when she arrived at the airport (UK Telegraph).
  • Leon Panetta, current head of the CIA, has been unanimously approved by the Senate to be Sect. of Defense replacing Gates. It amazes me how long we have to tolerate some of these same ol', same ol' politicians.  He worked in the Nixon administration early in his career as Director of the Office of Civil Rights. He was also a congressman for many years. And he was The Big Dog's Chief of Staff. These guys are like flies that get stuck to glue strips. We can't get rid of them. I can't believe there aren't any other people out there who can do a good job or better than this guy.

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