Thursday, June 23, 2011

More Dots Connecting; Republicans & Diversity; What Recovery? Simple Ideas To Jumpstart The Economy; Gore Blames Obama; Obama Even Losing Wall Street Now; Military Casualty Rates Increased 5 Fold Under President Obama; CBO's Warning

Onion headline this week: "Mysterious Black Family Going From Nascar Race To Nascar Race."
  • Not long ago, I watched a piece on PBS called, "The Warning." In short, it's about a woman's (head of SEC at the time) failed campaign to regulate the secretive derivatives market whose crash helped create the 2008 recession. And when was all of this occurring?--During the Clinton era. And guess who was in the middle of all this besides Alan Greenspan (Fed Head at the time)?--little Timothy Geithner (Sect of Treasury now) and Larry Summers (I believe Summers left the Obama Administration several months ago). And what other name kept popping up in this documentary?---Goldman Sachs. Have you connected the dots yet?
  • Several posts ago, I wrote the Republican Party needs to reach out more to African Americans and Latinos. Obviously, I'm not the only "genius" saying this. Don Campbell, USA Today's Board of Contributors, had a piece entitled, "Republicans Need To Become A More Diverse Party." I could not agree with this more.  And Campbell makes an interesting and compelling observation. He wrote, "Winning elections, however, is about addition, not subtraction. The percentage of white voters in the USA is shrinking fast. In just 12 years, a majority of children will be minorities. Twenty years after that, a majority of the country's population will be minorities...If I were a big-time Republican strategist, I'd be thinking about how to get a much, much bigger share of the Latino vote in 2012...This is not rocket science."
  • "Recession Is Over News"--In US News and World Report, Mortimor Zuckerman in his piece, "Why The Job Situation Is Worse Than It Looks," (something many of us have been saying for two years now)  he pointed out we now have more idle men and women than any time since the Great Depression with over 14 million out of work. He points out in the last several years, we've lost every job created since 2000. So how can the White House keep saying things are getting better with a straight face?
  • So how do we jumpstart the economy? Do what almost always works--cut taxes for individuals and corporations (when Reagan's tax cuts finally took hold, the economy grew, ie. inflation fell from double digits to under 5%; unemployment fell;  8 million new jobs were created, the GDP grew at a 3.2% rate, etc.); cut back on those regulations that stifle business growth; and get rid of ObamaCare. Do what needs to be done to build up confidence again.
  • Sudden Thought: Did we have these many children with food allergies when we were growing up? I don't believe so unless it just was not understood or not talked about.
  • From one of the world's biggest scam artists, Al Gore. He said recently that Pres. Obama lacks "bold action" on Global Warming. It's not for me to defend Pres. Obama. But remember this: Al Gore was Vice President for 8 years. What did he do on Global Warming during those 8 years? Nothing. Nada. Nic. Big Fat Zero. Why? Because he couldn't benefit from it as VP. No money in it for him at the time. This guy is one of the biggest fake, phony and frauds on the planet today.
  • "After two years of high unemployment, soaring federal debt and business killing regulation, Wall Street looks to be finally tiring of Obamanomics..." It appears those Wall Street "Fat Cats," who had supported Obama three years ago, have had enough. Many are not going to attend another fundraiser for the president this week (he will have 3 in one day in NYC).  These include some of the biggest names on Wall Street, ie, JP Morgan head Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein, and Gary Cohan of Goldman Sachs (Fox Business News, Charles Gasparino). He added, "So why the no shows? Maybe, they're still mad at being called Fat Cats (by Obama)--or maybe they don't want to be associated with failure."
  • After listening to the president's speech about the Afghan drawdown, I noticed the same word popping up again--investing. So, what the president said yesterday--all that money we can save by cutting back on Afghanistan--instead of using it to draw down the deficit--HE WANTS TO FRIGGIN SPEND, SPEND, SPEND!!! He still does not get it.
  • On top of all this: first time jobless claims went UP again last week to 429,000.
  • And there's this report from the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) yesterday, at the current rate we're going, the national debt (now over $14 trillion) will equal and exceed the annual size of our entire economy within 10 years.
  • Oh, for those fake, phony and fraud anti-war knuckleheads, under Obama's tenure, military casualty rates have increased FIVE FOLD (CNS News). Where's the outcry?

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