Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Let Them Eat Cake;" 46% Corrupt?; Plan? We Have No Stinking Plan; Taxes Up and Up; Glowing Dogs: UMUMUM-tasty;

We are $$14 trillion in debt. To understand how much money that is, imagine shopping at Whole Foods for an entire month.--Leno.

  • As we Americans are told to sacrifice, The Center for Responsive Politics is reporting the net worth of Congress is up over 3000%. Yep, that's not a typo--3000%. How's that cake taste?
  • So is it any wonder that 46% of Americans believe our politicians are corrupt (Rasmussen). Quite frankly, I think that number is too low.
  • As you probably know by now, the president has been pestering Congress to come up with plans to deal with the debt ceiling issue. Yet, he's not come up with one. This boiled over at this week's news conference when NBC's Chuck Todd asked White House spokesman, "Show us the plan." Carney replied, "We have shown a lot of leg on what we were proposing." And then ABC's Jake Tapper jumped in and said, "That's not a plan. It was details of a plan, but it wasn't a plan..." Wow, even the liberal media is hammering the President on his lack of any meaningful plan.
  • The Polls are now showing that most Americans blame Congress and President Obama for coming up with a solution to this debt limit crisis. Republicans are still getting most of the blame. When asked, "Who is not willing enough to compromise?"--77%  blame Republicans; 58% blame Obama. And who will be mainly responsible if the deal fails? 42% blame Republicans and 36% blame Obama. 19% blame both (Folks--it's both).--Washington Post/ABC Poll.
  • Did you know when you add in state and local spending to government spending, it now consumes 42% of GDP. In other words, 42% of all we produce everyday goes for government. Did you know in deficit went up $500 billion in the 7th year of the Bush presidency? It went up $1.9 trillion in 2010.
  • Did you know ObamaKare has already raised taxes $503 billion (in the next 10 years according to the Joint Committee on Taxation)? Also, If you make over $250k a year, your Medicare payroll tax is going up from 2.9% to 3.8%. It's estimated, thanks to ObamaKare, 85 million people will be enrolled in Medicaid (by the way, states take up most of the cost of Medicaid--and we wonder why many are broke).
  • It's been known for years that some Koreans prefer dog meat. But they've gone a tad further. It's being reported that Korean scientists have actually created a glowing dog using a new cloning technique. I guess it's easier to eat a dog at night when it glows.
  • But bizarro world even gets more bazaar. The Brits  and parents are none to happy with a British fitness group that teaches 7 year old girls how to pole dance. Hey, I'd be pi$$ed off even if they had these 7 year old girls dancing with Poles.
  • Politico is reporting that Congressman Peter King, Chair of House Homeland Security Committee, said at least 40 Americans have joined an Islamic terror network in Somalia. Hey, why focus on them. There are many, many extreme Right Wing Christian Fundamentalists that need our attention. After all, they've committed about 2 acts of extreme violence in the last 20 years. And the Islamists have only committed---what?--17,000?

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