Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yo! Let Me 'Xplain The Debt Thing 2 U; Why Norwegians Don't Get It; NASA News Not Good For Al Gore

In his speech, Pres. Obama said "compromise" has become a dirty word. And then he told Republicans to go compromise themselves.--Conan

  • Let's start with the partial good news: First time unemployment claims fell below 400,000 last week for the first time in about 3 months.
  • Okay, give me a minute to explain this entire debt fiasco debate for you. (Note: I'll use the word "plan or plans" but they are not really plans; they are all proposals). First Pres. Obama and the Dems proposed a plan raising the debt ceiling and taxes. Republicans responded with a plan that basically said, "Hold your horses. We're not raising the debt ceiling and we're not going to raise taxes." (Remember, the Republicans also have the Tea Party folks looking over their shoulders. And they don't want MSNBC and NBC, owned by GE whose CEO, Jeff Immelt, who sits on Pres. Obama's jobs commission and has laid off about 50,000 employees himself and is sending jobs to China, to start calling them lunatics {oh, wait a moment, MSNBC already started doing that--too late}). Then Plan C was a response from the White House and Dems that basically said, "F you all. We're raising the debt limit, and taxes. So you can all go F yourselves." Republicans replied, "That's what you think. We're not approving anything unless you agree to not raising the debt limit or taxes." (notice,  their response was very cordial and polit. They didn't grow any balls yet). Pres. Obama, while proposing Plan G now, said, "Hey, I can pull  a dictator thing on this and just raise it myself."  Sen. Harry Reid added, "We lost the war you know." (proving he's still a major d!!ck-head). Republicans now have had enough, and reports are Boehner told Congress to get it's a$$ in gear (oh, he said that to Republicans not Democrats. Shoot, still shows he's grown some. And he's not shed a tear yet). Meanwhile, Chris Mathews and all of the other knuckleheads on MSNBC are trying to get that tingle up their legs back again since Pres. Obama appears to be losing his base according to most polls. So where are we now? Who the f knows.
  • More seriously, I have a theory about this debate on the debt. I think they (Washington) are fine with this hagling. It diverts the nation's attention from its real problems: unemployment and the sad state of the economy.
  • By the way, the New York Times, of all newspapers, are asking where is Pres. Obama? The headline today, "President on Sidelines During Critical Battle Over Debt Ceiling." Hey, no surprise. He's never led. Why should he now? In fact, former NY Stock Exchange bigshot, Ken Langone, said of Pres. Obama, he's "unpresidential" and "he's dividing us as a nation...He's willfully dividing us. He's petulant." (CNBC)
  • And who is really suffering and going to suffer because these nitwits in D.C. can't make a decision?--the American people. States, which receive about 35-40% of their revenue from Uncle Sam, are especially going to be hurting if a decision is not made soon.
  • Why Norwegians still don't get it: A Norwegian bank executive and former Norwegian army officer said, "Hopefully, our response to this lunatic will be more democracy, more tolerance and more love." No, what all of you should have learned is if several people were armed on that island and they knew how to use a weapon--more of those young people would be alive today. That's the lesson.
  • Where's that fake, phony and fraud Al Gore when you need him? NASA is reporting today their current data on global warming blows a gaping hole in global warming alarmism.  Reported on Yahoo News today.

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