Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Medal of Honor To Sgt. Leroy Petry; They Want To Raise Taxes On You, But Fail To Pay Their Own Taxes; Who Really Pays Taxes and Who Does Not; Despicable & Shameful Tactics; Obama Was Against Raising Debt Ceiling As Senator

President Obama's staff got raises of 8%, more than double the average of most Americans, which is 3%. But to be fair, many of them will be unemployed come next November--Leno.

  • Sgt. 1st Class Leroy Petry is the second living recipient of the Medal of Honor. He was presented the honor yesterday. While already wounded and shot in both legs while serving in Afghanistan in 2008, he picked up a grenade that was thrown towards him and other Rangers. Without any hesitation, he cocked his arm to throw it back. It exploded as the grenade flew toward the enemy. The blast blew away Sgt. Petry's hand. He continued fighting all the while remaining calm and continued to lead his team. He even placed a tourniquet on his hand himself.

  • Now it's time to report on genuine cowards in Washington. The hypocrisy coming from Washington is truly breathtaking. Have you noticed an interesting phenomena? Those who want to raise our taxes are usually the very same folks who don't even pay their taxes or evade paying taxes. There was Sen. John F. Kerry, who never met a tax he didn't like, mooring his multi-million dollar yacht in Rhode Island rather than Mass. to avoid paying taxes. Then there was Charlie Rangel who had his own tax problems. The point man for the Obama administration pushing for more taxes is non other than the Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner, who has a history of not paying his taxes (he blamed it on problems with his Turbo Tax software. You try doing that next time the IRS knocks on your door).
  • Speaking of little Timmy Geithner, he warned again yesterday that unless the debt ceiling is raised, the U.S. could go into default. This is the same guy who said the stimulus package would bring unemployment down to 8%. (Note: when President Obama was a senator, he voted AGAINST raising the debt ceiling saying the need for an increase was a sign of "failure." Of course, that was when Bush was president).
  • Another hypocrite, GE's CEO Jeffrey Immelt, told members of the Chamber of Commerce to stop whining and start hiring. Meanwhile, this prick has laid off over 30,000 employees himself. Oh, yes, he just happens to be a close friend of the president. He also chairs the president's Council on Jobs. And one more thing: GE didn't pay any corporate income taxes last year. It was legal but, oh, how convenient (CNN Money and ABC News).
  • And now Pres. Obama is using the most despicable scare tactic any politician can use: he said there is no guarantee Social Security and veteran checks will go out if congress can't reach an agreement this week on reducing the deficit (CBS News). Tactics like this one are pathetic, cheap and shameful. Nothing like holding seniors, vets and those with disabilities hostage--is it Mr. President?
  • "Recession is Over News"---Many small businesses are seeing more late payments. 40% of businesses surveyed reported payments coming in late (National Federation of Independent Business).
  • Mr. President, you want more tax revenue? Then get people working again. With true unemployment at almost 17%, that means most of those folks are not paying taxes. And how about having the almost 50% of Americans paying no taxes at all--help pick up some of the slack.
  • By the way, the Administration and Democrats wants you to think the rich hardly pay any taxes. The facts show a much different picture. The National Taxpayers Union--a non-partisan advocate for tax payers--reports the top 1% pay a tad over 38%. Top 5% pay approximately 59%. The top 50% pay 97%. And how much do the bottom 50% pay? A whopping 2.7%. 
  • How pervasive is the fraud in Medicare and Medicaid? Just 16 people who were convicted by the feds defrauded Medicare of over $57 million. And do you know where a lot of that fraud has taken place?--- with those motorized scooters and wheelchairs. You've probably seen those commercials on TV in the last several years promising seniors free medical equipment. 61% of motorized wheelchairs provided to Medicare recipients went to people who did not need them. Medicare is billed about $4 grand per chair while the real cost is a little over a grand (USA Today). Can you imagine how much money the feds would find just by going after fraud alone? It would easily be in the multi-billions.

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