Monday, July 25, 2011

Winehouse: Joins The 27 Club; George: A Humongous Dog; Lindsay Lohan At It Again; Don't Take Our Eyes Off The Real Terrorists; Geithner: What A Friggin Genius!; Are They Really Serious or Just Jerking Us Around?

House Speaker John Boehner invited new congressmen over for some pizza. Unfortunately, the delivery guy left when they spent 10 hours over a plan on how to pay for it--Fallon.
  • Let's start with a happy story. It's about George, the Great Dane. But George is not you usual huge dog--he's a freakin humongous dog. George is the largest dog in the world. He's 43 inches long and weighs even more than I do--way more than I do (I thought I should clarify that)--George weighs a whopping 252 pounds. He goes through over 100 pounds of dry dog food a month. No word yet on where he sleeps or with whom.
  • Amy Winehouse is now a member of the all-to-familiar and well-known 27 Club, the celebs who died at 27 years of age. Some include Hendrix, Morrison, Janis and Cobain. All great talents; all died much too young. All had much more to offer. Addiction is a bitch.
  • One has to wonder how long the justice system will continue to tolerate Lindsay Lohan's giving it the middle finger. She's received multiple passes by the justice system, from drunken driving to theft, yet continues her flaunting ways. Last week, she completed just 33 of 480 hours of community services (another publication reports just 4 out of 60 court mandated days of community services. These discrepancies illustrate the sad state of journalism today). So what is she doing this week? Flying to St. Tropez for two weeks.
  • There was some criticism of the media (including of moi) for jumping to the conclusion that Islamic scumbags carried out the atrocities in Olso last week. Well, even al-Qaeda's favorite network--al Jazeera--reported the same. The reasons for the incorrect reporting is simple: radical Islam has taken hold in Norway in the last decade. Radical Islam is responsible for 95% of most terror attacks around the globe in the last 3 decades. In fact, Islamic extremism is and will continue to be a greater threat to everyone than the extreme Right. As I reported in an earlier post, to date there's been over 17,000 Islamic terror attacks world wide since 9/11.  There's been only two major attacks from the Right--Timothy McVeigh and the Oslo lunatic, Breivik.
  • So the mistake would be for law enforcement and intelligence agencies to take their eyes off the real target--Islamist terrorism. That would be a major mistake. Breivik murdered a lot of people in one day. Islamists do that on a daily basis.
  • From our "Gee, What A Friggin Genius File!:---Yesterday, Treasury Secretary Timmy Geithner was all over the Sunday news shows. He actually had to admit the economy may have slowed down a bit.  Remember, this is the guy and the other knuckleheads in the Washington who gave us the stimulus, ObamaKare, auto company takeovers, auto clunker program, taxes, additional regulations, and more to help ignite the economy. None of it has worked.
  • On top of all of this, little Timmy was doing the "sky is falling" predictions if the debt limit is not raised. These are the leaders of the country, and their behaving like scardee cats. When we need strong leadership--meaning leaders who remain calm in a storm--they continue to fail after every turn. Pathetic!
  • So how concerned are they about this crisis? If you recall, several weeks ago Boehner and Pres. Obama went golfing. A round of golf usually takes several hours (except for people like me when it takes several days). Yet, when it comes to this "alleged" approaching apocalypse, they meet for a whopping one hour when they do meet. Allow me to ask a simple question from a dumb citizen: if we're talking about an apocalyptic scenario, as this administration and Dems try to portray it, wouldn't it be appropriate to meet until a solution is found?
  • And did you know that Sen. Reid and Boehner agreed to a bi-partisan plan this weekend and Pres. Obama turned thumbs down--again?
  • Another Economic Factcheck: In the first 3 years of Pres. Obama's term, the deficit will make up 28% of GDP versus 6.3% of the last 3 years Pres. Bush was in office. And if Pres. Obama had just cut spending in half--he would not be facing a debt ceiling challenge until his second term of office (Terry Keenan, Post Business)
  • And how bad is the polling for Pres. Obama? In just over 2 years, he's reached polling numbers that it took Pres. Bush 5 years to reach (Peggy Noonan).
  • Are you a sports memorabilia collector? Did you ever purchase anything from Barry Halper, the world's most renowned collector? He even has a place in baseball's Hall of Fame. Well, it's my duty to tell you--he's been outed as one of the biggest frauds in collecting. One collector said Halper seems to be the Madoff of memorabilia. So that baseball you have that you think was signed by ed Williams might actually have been signed by Tod Williams, a Ford truck mechanic who lives in Arkansas.

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