Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene; Anemic GDP Growth; Police Being Ambushed Nationwide; Jesse Jackson Attacks Tea Party; Immunizations Are Safe!; A Rat, A Big F^@ken Rat

Apparently there's a crack in the Washington Monument (due to the earthquake). Calm Down, Marion Barry. I said, "a crack."---Ferguson
  • Hurricane Irene---just wanted to mention it. What can I say that's not being said on every newscast in the country? I'll wait until Monday morning to see what damage this lady leaves in her wake. Only about 62 million people will be affected by this monster anyway.
  • "Recession Is Over News"---second quarter GDP rose at 1%. That's---to put it mildly---anemic.
  • With the 10th anniversary of 9/11 right around the corner, I found a piece in USA Today about Mark Tillman, chief pilot for Air Force One during the Bush administration, fascinating. If you recall, the Lefty fanatics at that time were accusing President Bush of being either slow to respond or, at worse, apathetic. Tillman reports that Bush wanted to get back to D.C. but his security team wanted to follow the protocol for keeping a president safe during a nuclear attack. "This was a president who wanted to get back into the battle," said Tillman. Bush, according to reports that day, was "reluctant to hide" as protocol demands in cases of attack upon the country. Finally---another Lefty lie bites the dust.
  • Disturbing news: "Police See Growing Trend Of Killings In Ambush Attacks." In short, this piece in USA Today, reports there's been a 40% increase in police officers murdered in ambush-style attacks. Of the 50 officers killed this year so far, 19 were victims of ambushes.
  • It was really no surprise when I read that Jesse "Jerkson" Jackson attacked the Tea Party. But he attacked the Tea Party at the Martin Luther King, Jr. event dedicating the new memorial to MLK. At an event in honor of an American hero and civil rights leader, this jerk used the event to imply Tea Party folks are racist. He might be in the running for "Dumbass of the Year" although he has a lot of competition.
  • Last week, I remarked it was much too early to declare Libya a victory for the administration as many in the media were proclaiming. Glenn Greenwald in Salon wrote, "I'm genuinely astounded at the pervasive willingness to view what has happened in Libya as some grand triumph even though virtually none of the information needed to make that assessment is known yet..."
  • One more time: Immunizations are safe. They DO NOT CAUSE autism. A study of over 12,000 peer reviews released by Univ. of California at San Diego reports immunizations are safe and the side effects are rare. As I've reported on multiple occasions in the past over the years---not getting immunizations causes more harm to the overall community. This study reports that parents' refusal of immunizations is causing diseases to re-emerge like measles. We really have to stop this insanity about the alleged dangers of vaccines.
  • When I tell people I used to see huge, friggin rats when I grew up in NYC, I'm sure most didn't believe me. Well, a 3 foot rat was killed in NYC this week. Told you so. Anyway,  reminds me of my favorite joke while growing up in NYC. Sister Mary was doing a lesson asking children to think of a word that began with a specific letter. She finally got to the letter "R." Mikey, known to be the class wisea$$, waved his hand wildly like he was giving directions to a plane landing on an aircraft carrier. Sister Mary hesitated on calling him at first knowing full well Mikey would often blurt out a curse word as he often did when he had the rare opportunity to do so . But she said to herself, "What harm can be done. I can't recall any curse words that begin with an R." So she calls on Mikey. He gets up and proudly proclaims-- with his hands spread out like a fisherman lying about the "big-one" he just missed, ---"A Rat, A Big mailto:F%5E@ken Rat."

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