Monday, August 15, 2011

Marine Corporal Dakota Meyer, Medal of Honor; Obama's #'s Continue Their Plunge; Don't PP on People or Else; Iowa is an Illusion; No Mystery to Those London Riots

One really has to ponder who is giving the Michael Jackson family advice. According to news reports in L.A., signed portraits of Michael Jackson will hang on the walls of L.A.'s Children's Hospital. La Toya Jackson was reported to have said the portraits will bring "joy" to the sick children. One is also obliged to ask: who---in the hospital's administration---made the decision to hang the portraits?

And when the Port Authority in NYC was asked about the drunk USA Olympic skier who allegedly peeed on a 12-year-old girl in flight, the geniuses at the Port Authority replied, "It's against the law to pee on another person." Now we know.

  • Remember this name: Dakota Meyer, a "former" Marine corporal. He will receive the Medal of Honor. All he did was charge into enemy fire five times to recover the dead bodies of his fellow Marines and some Afghan soldiers. Corporal Meyer is the first living Marine to be designated for the Medal since 1973. Meyer is 23 years old.
  • According to Gallup's daily tracking poll, Pres. Obama's job-approval fell below 40% yesterday to 39%.
  • But guess whose poll numbers are climbing after taking a slight dip earlier this year? N.J. Gov. Christie saw his poll numbers leap 4% to 50% after he enacted controversial reforms to rein in pensions and medical benefits for government employees. Like in Wisconsin, N.J. state government workers also protested Christie's cuts. Like in Wisconsin, they lost the PR campaign.
  • I don't take those Iowa straw polls too seriously. As I've written many times before, I don't think Iowa even exists. Think about it. We never hear anything about Iowa until national elections come up. With no insult to the people of Iowa (if you exist at all), where the heck do you people go after the straw poll every 4 years? It's a mystery to me. Anyway, as many already know, Michele Bachmann won. But I was interested in three other folks. Newt got a whopping 385 votes while Gov. Perry, who wasn't even on the ballot or in the state, got 718 votes. By the way, Perry also beat Romney who got 567 votes. If Iowa does exist, and there really was some kind of election in Iowa this past weekend, it can't be good news for Romney. But then if Iowa is just an illusion, then nothing really happened. Make sense?
  • If you recall, it was young voters in the last election who also helped Pres. Obama take the White House. As of last month, the unemployment rate for those 20-24 years of age stands officially at 14.6% (that means the unofficial rate is probably closer to 20%). And more older workers are holding on to their jobs making it tougher for younger folks to find jobs. 40% of American workers over 55 is the highest percentage since 1976. And over 40% of the U.S. population is not in the work force (Dept. of Labor).
  • Proof the NFL strike hurt the players---physically: At least 10 players have injured their Achilles. As one trainer remarked, "Achilles ruptures are kind of a classic 'weekend warrior' injury." According to trainers, Achilles injuries occur because of rapid resumption of explosive activities such as cutting, running and sprinting after a long sedentary lifestyle. What's the lesson for all of us? Just keep sitting on your a$$es so you don't hurt yourself.
  • There should be no mystery to those London and riots in other European countries. After people who have been given free housing, health care, food and who knows what else their entire lives--and it's taken away because the government can't afford it any longer---they will respond just as spoiled brats do. But don't blame the rioters for all of Europe's ills, blame the governments whose socialist policies resulted in their going broke. They made too many promises in the last 4 decades they can no longer keep.

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