Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Now He's Taking Unemployment Seriously?; Perry is a Goober for God's Sake!; Lincoln and Many Others Had It Worse Mr. President; Green Jobs A Bust; Weiner Without The Weener

In addition to Pres. Obama's plunging ratings, Tiger Woods' approval rating is also down, primarily because he's lost his ability to play golf---paraphrasing Kimmel.
  • The White House announced the president will make a major speech about jobs in September--after he comes back from yet another vacation. Well, it's good to know the president and his administration will be taking this issue more seriously--after almost 3 years in office. Thank you Mr. President (for finally doing your job).
  • Listen to the president carefully on this bus tour travelling on a bus made in Canada. He's still peddling the same ol'. same ol'--like class warfare. In other words---it's not about "hope." It's about fear.
  • According to many in the media, and many on the right and left side of the political isle, Rick Perry made a dumbass statement yesterday. In short, he said if Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Fed, came to Texas; he'd be "treated ugly" if he continued to print more money.  Perry also said something about Ben's "treasonous" behavior. In my opinion, both statements were stupid. But let's take a closer look at the conspicuous hypocrisy coming from these critics. Within the last year or more, the Left has referred to members of the Tea Party as terrorists, Taliban and other vile names (Gee, what happened to "civility?"). These are the very same people who referred to Bush as Hitler and a Nazi on countless occasions. The criticisms coming from the Right are coming from what I like to call the " elitists limo, white, wine-guzzling" Republicans and conservatives. Perry is much too "lower class" for them. After all, he's from Texas, and they ride horses and raise cows there, don't they? And what's another mark against Perry? He didn't attend an Ivy League university. He attended Texas A+M for god's sake. Texas A+M teaches students how to manage farms and ranches. How uncouth! They even have programs on how to raise goats and sheep. Only goobers attend schools like A+M. That's the mentality Perry is facing from both political parties. The real question---in my opinion---will he appeal to independents and moderates? He can probably do well in the primaries, but what about the general election considering those two constituencies. I don't know. Only time will tell---if he makes it that far.
  • But I do have a suggestion for Gov. Perry: leave the Texas swagger in Texas. It won't play well on both coasts and there are some pretty big states there you need to win--to become president.
  • Regarding this criticism against Perry, I think Michael Goodwin of the NY Post summarized it well when he said, "Stupid, for sure (regarding Perry's statements yesterday). But let's have perspective. Perry's words are only self-destructive, unlike the wreckage of the Obama presidency."  (Ouch!!! but on target).
  • Tell you another thing I'm sick and tired of hearing---that no other president has been treated as poorly as President Obama. Of course, it's bogus criticism. History is littered with other presidents getting far worse treatment than Pres. Obama.  Take Pres. Lincoln--today considered one of our best presidents. Examples from the press during that period included such gems as he was "the leanest, lankest, most ungainly mass of legs and arms and hatchet face ever strung on a human frame," or this one, "could there have been a fitter death for such a man?" after Lincoln was assassinated. He was regularly called an "ape" and "baboon" and a "gorilla."
  • Shush!!! Don't tell the Obama administration---the green jobs initiative they keep saying will save the economy---well, it's more of a bust than a boom. Last year, Seattle received $20 million in federal funds to create 2000 green jobs. To date, they've created a whopping 14 jobs--costing the taxpayer about $150 grand per bogus job (KOMO News).
  • Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz proves every day that you can't fix stupid. She's dumber than a turnip---in fact, I'm not even sure about that. The turnip just might have an edge. I heard her interviewed this week (I didn't catch the name of the show) and she said Pres. Obama is doing a great job on the economy (even a turnip wouldn't say that).  As the interviewer showed her data just how bad things are, ie. 15% more people on food stamps, the high unemployment (two times higher than during George W. Bush), etc. etc., this nitwit still parroted the party line. She reminds me of Weiner without the weener.

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