Thursday, August 18, 2011

President Urges Us To Buy American, But What About That Bus?; Attacks on Perry's Faith Already Starting; Tolerance + Inclusion Okay For All Except Conservative Christians; Congressional Black Caucus Even Angry at Obama; Libs Don't Want Homeless Shelters in Their Communities

Michelle Bachmann wished Elvis a happy birthday even though it was actually the anniversary of his death. When told of the mistake, Bachmann said, "My apologies to Elvis and the entire Costello family."--Conan
(Editorial Comment from moi: Bachmann needs to stop making all these gaffs. She's starting to sound like Slo Joe Biden, the resident White House clown and that's not good. Whoever has been giving her "fact" needs to be replaced--and fast).
  • As the president and his family enjoy their vacation, it's time for "News Pres. Obama Might Miss While He's On Vacation." Today we start with first time unemployment claims up from last week to over 400,000 again. As I'm writing this, the Market is plunging. Child poverty is up under his administration---31% in Mississippi and 29% in D.C. (not reported in our media, this from the London Daily Mail).  His bus tour was a PR disaster (even Jimmy Kimmel had to comment with, "Pres. Obama is touring the country on a bus and nothing inspires hope in the economy like the president riding a bus.") and  African Americans are angry he ignored them during the bus tour (see below). Even one of his ardent supporters, Lanny Davis who was special counsel to Pres. Clinton and now a crisis management consultant, wrote in USA Today, "Time is now: Barack Obama needs to demonstrate a new style of leadership (what style?--me)...Obama can no longer afford, as has been his custom, to wait for Congress to act and then step in as a final mediator..." In other words, as many of us having been shouting from our windows in the last three years: Lead, Mr. President!!!! (don't hold your breath, he has to wait until he returns from vacation).
  • Yesterday the president  proclaimed the need to purchase goods made in America, especially automobiles---after he got off his bus that was made in Canada. Can't make this stuff up folks.
  • Congressman Aaron Schock (R-Ill) said not only does the president like Canadian style health care; he even likes their RV's.
  • From the "Gee, what a surprise" file, the attacks on Perry's faith have already started (flashback: they did the same with Romney's Mormon background when he ran 4 years ago). One example:  Kathleen Kennedy Townsend---yes, from that Kennedy family that treated women with so much respect---wrote a really stupid piece in The Atlantic criticizing his faith. In fact, she even questioned his faith (showing the reason why this dingbat is a real putz because of the contradictory points she makes in her own piece). Fortunately only about 3 people read The Atlantic.  This is just the beginning.
  • But, once again, tolerance and inclusion does not include Christians from a conservative perspective.
  • The Congressional Black Caucus is ticked off the president's bus tour is not going through any black neighborhoods like Detroit according to that knucklehead, Rep. Maxine Waters (who happens to be under investigation by the House Ethics Committee herself).  They even raised the issue of the high unemployment rate in the black community. It's so bad; she even asked black constituents if it's okay to go after the president for his lack of commitment to help solving the unemployment problem among blacks. Those blacks attending gave the Caucus permission to criticize the president. Democracy in action. Black unemployment is officially at almost  17%.
  • Did you know homeless shelters are a booming business? Did you know many homeless shelters get paid by the "body?" In NYC, it's about $100.00 a day per person. And when they get families in the shelters, they get even more reimbursement. One "non-profit" in NYC took in over $24 million and that didn't count the $6 million from Medicaid. Yet, in Houston, a room at a shelter is costing almost $3500 a month even though a nice two-bedroom apartment can be had for less than a grand. In other words folks---it's a racket. But that's not the rest of the story. Chelsea in Manhattan and Williamsburg in Brooklyn are very rich and mostly liberal communities in NYC. But even as liberals demand more services for the homeless, they still don't want one thing---They don't want any near their communities. The same liberal opposition is occurring throughout the country. Gives new meaning to hypocrites (NY Post).
  • Don Bosco Prep in Ramsey, N.J. is considered the best high school football team in the nation. How good are they? They've won 15 games in a row and five consecutive state titles.
  • Another reason for me to like Rick Perry: yesterday he said global warming is a hoax by crooked scientists. He should have also added that fake, phony and fraud Al Gore to the list.

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