Tuesday, September 6, 2011

72% Say We're Going in the Wrong Direction; Even Robert Redford is Fed Up; National Geographic Discredits 9/11 Truthers; Islamists in Libya; D.C. Bias Against the Longhorns?; Romney's Ludicrous 59 Point Plan; Ron Paul is Wrong Headed

In case you missed it, Pres. Obama's uncle was arrested on a DUI. His alcohol level was actually higher than Pres. Obama's approval rating.---Letterman

  • Did you notice the irony at the Teamster rally yesterday when Hoffa threatened Republicans and The Tea Party right before Pres. Obama spoke to the crowd? The rally was held in Detroit---the poster city for failed political, Democrat and union policies for the last 30 years (I happened to live in the Detroit area during the late 1970's and early 1980's and witnessed a great city going straight into the toilet because of those very same policies. A sad sight to see indeed, because the city was made up of some very good, hard working American men and women of all races and creeds. Their leadership failed each and every one of them).
  • Speaking of approval ratings, in addition to Pres. Obama's poll numbers plunging, The Politico/George Washington University Battleground Poll reported today that 72% of us said we're headed in the wrong direction. Question: do the other 28% actually believe we're headed in the right direction? They must have polled a lot of Teamsters.
  • More "Trickle Down" Evidence: An update on the violence over the Labor Day Weekend in NYC. The number of shootings rose to 48 with a lot of violence that rocked the West Indian Day Parade. For the week ending Sunday, 98 people were shot in NYC. Last year, 53 were shot the same week (NY Post).
  • I happen to be one of those people who has little regard for many in Hollywood. It's not based solely on their politics. It has a lot to do with so many in Hollywood are just plain knuckleheads and not really that bright. One of those happens to be Robert Redford. His entire life he's touted his love for the environment even though he ravaged an entire mountain to build his precious Sundance. But it did come as a surprise to me when the Politico reported "Robert Redford Disappointed in Obama." Redford is disappointed in Pres. Obama's track record on environmental issues---meaning Obama's lack of a track record on the environment. But you can count on one thing: Regardless, Redford will still vote for Obama, because--- when push comes to shove---Redford is still a knucklehead.
  • If you do anything in the coming weeks, catch some of those 9/11 documentaries on National Geographic especially the programs that dismiss the 9/11 Truthers, ie. a plane did not hit the Pentagon. Geographic knocks that Truther theory out of the ballpark. The evidence is overwhelming it was a plane not a missile that struck the building that morning.
  • In case you missed this news because of the Labor Day Weekend, you probably missed the news that evidence exists there are many Jihadists among the Libyan rebels. They proclaimed they intend to create an Islamist state. Only time will tell if this prediction pans out (Washington Times and Daily Beast).
  • Yesterday, Pres. Obama visited N.J. The Star-Ledger reported many New Jerseyans were not that happy he visited the area. (He visited some of the Hurricane Irene disaster areas). Some said it was solely a photo shoot. While another said,  "I would handed him a broom (to help clean up)" if he had met the president. Presidents are in between a rock and hard place in these situations. No matter what they do or don't do, there will be critics. The fact that he showed up is good, no matter what the reason.
  • Having said that, questions are arising regarding the disasters occurring in Texas from the drought to out-of-control wildfires. What questions? Well, like why the feds have not declared disaster areas in many parts of Texas? In fact, The Daily Caller reported that no federal officials have visited the state yet. There are nearly 7,000 wildfires burning throughout more than 2.2 million acres---homes, ranches, farms, businesses are all being hit hard with many losses. Could it be because Rick Perry is a Republican? No, no way. The feds would not show such conspicuous bias toward a state facing such dangerous challenges simply because the state's CEO is a Republican? Would they? Hey, just askin'.
  • Last February, the Labor Dept. admitted that 378,000 jobs it thought existed really did not. In 2010, the correction was 902,000. Lesson: don't believe a word coming out of D.C. about all the jobs they've created. They reference bogus numbers even though the Dept. of Labor makes the corrections, usually downward (New York Post. Finance).
  • Romney plans on unveiling a 59 point plan for improving the economy. It will include 10 Concrete Actions. A 59 point plan? Ludicrous. Yo Mitt: Keep it simple or you're going to lose a lot of people. Stick with the 10.
  • When Ron Paul was asked what parts of the government he would keep if elected, he said it would be a short list, "Sound money, a judicial system, national defense, but not a heck of a lot else." While I support cutbacks in government over-reach, I'd have to ask Ron Paul with such drastic cuts in government:  Who would ensure our food is safe? Who would ensure our drugs are safe? Who would ensure our highways are maintained and safe? Who would be responsible to help disaster victims?  In other words, there is a place for government in our lives especially when it comes to our national security, health and safety. However, I would support him on dumping the wasteful Dept. of Education. Please tell me one student this monstrous government agency ever educated? It's a big waste of money.

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