Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dakota Meyer, A Real Hero; Mexico Gets US Aid 4 Wildfires But Not Texas; Obama = A Hollow Man; Romney Found His Nads; Working Age Poor Highest in 45 Years

New statistics showed the U.S. economy created 0 jobs in August. The White House cautioned Americans not to read to much into those numbers. What numbers?---Leno

  • I wrote about this several weeks ago, but revisiting it is worthwhile and important during this week preceding the 9/11 memorials. Dakota Meyer, former Marine (I know Marines---you're always a Marine), will personally receive the Congressional Medal on Sept. 15. All he did was go into a firefight in Afghanistan, not once but five times to save 13 U.S. troops and 23 Afghan soldiers.
  • Did you know when Mexico suffered through wildfires, we sent them aid and help? I don't have a problem with helping a neighboring country.  But, as of today, Texas has not received any federal assistance even though over 1000 homes have been burned to the ground. These are the worst wildfires in state history and cover millions of acres (ten times more square milage than the fires in Mexico a few months ago). Regardless of what the Obama administration does,  Texas has the right attitude. One resident said, "Don't need it...Don't want it...We'll take care of our own." This does look suspiciously political with Rick Perry running for the presidency. It also appears vindictive in my opinion.
  • Michael Goodwin of the NY Post writes of President Obama, "The candidate who cleverly promised to be all things to all people is making almost nobody happy as president...Obama conned voters across the spectrum into thinking he felt their pain, when all he really felt was his own ambition. As (Robert) Redford belatedly realized, he is a hollow man."
  • When this president had the power to really make a difference (when he had total support from both Houses because Dems held both houses for his first two years), all he did was spend, borrow, over-regulate and expanded government. Hence---we are where we are now.
  • After the shooting last year of Rep. Gabby Giffords, Pres. Obama said we should ensure, "we are talking to each other in a way that heals, not a way that wounds." He was absolutely right. And both political parties and pundits should head his advice. Unfortunately, he failed to hold his union thug supporters to that pledge. As of today, Pres. Obama still did not disassociate himself from Jimmy Hoffa's divisive statements on Labor Day.
  • How many attacks has law enforcement in NYC prevented in the last 10 years?---at least ten (at least that's the number officially reported. It's probably more).
  • Although I don't agree with Romney presenting "59 points" to get out of this economic mess (Congress can hardly deal with 1), he has to get some credit for finding his nads. He gave a good speech, by most accounts, yesterday. I like his plan to slash corporate tax rates to 25% (that could bring back a lot of off-shore money back to the US). I like his plan to roll-back regulations (there's a lot of redundant regulations). And I like his plan to take on China and their cheating trade policies.
  • Yet, to date, the polls show that not one Republican running now would beat Obama in 2012. This is discouraging considering most other polls show over half the country disapproves of Obama's job performance and over 60% do not approve of his handling of the economy (47% of those strongly disapprove)---ABC/Washington Post Polls.
  • Alfredo Morales of the Bronx would like to ask Pres. Obama to explain in his speech tomorrow:  why the economy became so bad under Obama's watch.? He's been out of work for over 2 years now. Memo to Mr. Morales: read my blog and you'll know why.
  • Question: are the markets and economy just behaving the way they should be? I think some of it is, but many investors will tell you: it's our dysfunctional government's policies.
  • AP is reporting today that working-age poor are the highest in the last 45 years. These include the working poor ages 18-64 years of age.

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