Thursday, September 15, 2011

Are You Feeling the Love?; Please, Don't Report Me Bro!; Solyndra Scandal; Even Liberals Are Wondering; Carville Takes Obama To Task; Shame On Columbia University

Sports Headline in The Onion this week: "Little League World Series Winners Must Be Getting Tons of Pus$y Right Now."

  • Pres. Obama said if you love him then pass the jobs bill. I don't ever recall any president saying something like this. Arrogance? Egotist?
  • Looks like the Obama campaign took something right out of WWII Germany and the Cold War's East Germany. On a web site entitled, Attack Watch dot Com, "Obama For America" is asking all Americans to rat out other Americans who criticize the president. Well, if you do report me, just let me know when the Brown Shirts will be knocking on my door in the morning. I want to make sure I'm fully dressed. I don't want to be hauled out of the house in my skives.
  • Also, looks like the Solyndra scandal has legs. It appears, even though auditors and the CBO had doubts about this company, questions are being raised if the $500 million+ loan was rushed to accommodate a company event in 2009 that featured Slo Joe Biden. Biden and Obama cited this company as an example of how to create green jobs. But, since the company filed for bankruptcy, it had to let go over 1,000 employees.
  • And if that's not bad enough, Cameron Potter, former CFO of Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, pleaded guilty to defrauding the government of DOE grant money. I wonder if this guy also donated to Obama's campaign? Just askin' (Knoxville Sentinel).
  • "Recession is Over News"---first time unemployment claims took yet another leap last week. And the Postal Service is considering eliminating 35,000 jobs this year.
  • Rick Perry caught a lot of heat from the Right and Left for calling Social Security a Ponzi scheme. Just two weeks earlier, Ben Bernanke, Fed Chair, called it a "pyramid" but left out the word--"scheme."
  • While Columbia University disgracefully heckled an Iraqi War Vet earlier this year, they invited Iran's dictator, Ahmadinejad, to dinner on campus. This thug also said there are no gays in Iran. Gee, I wonder why. And Iran is officially designated as a state-sponsor of terrorism. They also have this small problem with human rights---I guess small in the eyes of Columbia.

One really has to wonder how much more liberals and Obama supporters can take.

  • Unemployment refuses to dip (black unemployment is going thru the roof).
  • The housing market is still in the toilet.
  • The credit downgrade by S+P.
  • National Debt is soaring to $16 trillion.
  • The president's poll numbers are tanking fast. 
  • Those who are poor and receiving food stamps is at record levels.
  • The stock market's roller coaster history.
  • In 2010, Democrats were hammered at the voting booths. In 2011, a mediocre Republican wins in heavily Democratic section of NYC (Weiner's old seat).  The guy never held public office.
  • And a Republican beat a Dem in Nevada too (Yo, Sen. Reid, you're doing a hell of a job---friggin loser).
  • Even James Carville, the genius behind Pres. Clinton's victories, said of Obama: it's time to panic. He said (to Obama), "Have you talked to any Democratic senators lately? I have. It's pretty damn clear they're not happy campers." Then he gave the president some advice while on CNN: "Fire somebody! No--fire a lot of people."
  • Obama is losing Jewish support.
  • ObamaCare is still very unpopular. And it's not reducing costs.
  • Most Americans did not like watching our government sue one of its own states (Arizona) while holding hands in the lawsuit with Mexico.
  • Americans now see the cozy relationship the administration has with Wall Street (most of his closest advisers are all former Wall Street executives; the others came from academia) and unions (most of the stimulus initiatives helped the public sector not the private sector).
  • Plans to hold the KSM trial in NYC backfired (and that decision still has not been made---3 years now).
  • Americans scratched their heads as Pres. Obama talked about "civility" while his surrogates called the Tea Party folks racists ( going so far as saying Tea Party would like to see lynching return) and  terrorists (from Slo Joe Biden himself. Pres. Obama himself told Hispanics to "punish our enemies').
  • Liberals don't understand why Gitmo is still open.
  • They don't understand why we are still in Iraq.
  • They don't understand why Pres. Obama supported the renewal of the Patriot Act (They wanted Bush and Cheney impeached for these issues).
  • By now, they thought the rich would be taxed more than they are now.

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