Friday, September 16, 2011

Solyndra Not The Only Company; How Bad Is It: We're Too Broke To Bury Our Dead; Are Riots Here Possible?; Obama Is Toast According To Some Democrats; Gallup: GOP Would Do A Better Job

President Obama is more popular overseas than here. Then again, he created more jobs overseas than here---Leno.
  • Solyndra is not the only "green" energy company to go under after receiving stimulus money. There are at least five others including Evergreen Solar, SpectrWatt and three others that received a half million to over $3 mil in taxpayers money (Fox News).
  • Oh, yes, before I forget. Guess who was the financial advisor to Solyndra? None other than----------Goldman Sachs. (How many times have I written: connect the dots with this outfit).
  • A Reuters/University of Michigan poll reports today that consumer expectations---code for "hope"--- is the lowest since 1980. In addition, there are troubling signs on inflation and jobs. Consumer prices rose .04% in August (CNBC).
  • And if that's not bad enough news, USA Today is reporting today that families are having a problem affording burials.  There's been a rise in unclaimed bodies and funerals for the indigent.
  • And the Green Bay Press Gazette finally asked the question I've been asking for over 2 years now regarding the president's jobs plan: "Why didn't this come earlier?"
  • All of this bad economic news forced Mayor Bloomberg to wonder if riots will break out in the streets. Will we see London like riots here?
  • So what are some Democrats whispering out loud? They want a primary Democrat challenge to Obama. Democrat Rep. Defazio of Oregon said that's what he's hearing in his district. And that loon from Ohio, Rep. Kucinich said it would be healthy for the party. Folks, don't bet on it. Who, in the Democrat Party today, would challenge the first black president? I doubt any would (NY Post).
  • On top of this, many Democrats are now coming out against the president's job plan including Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia and Sen. Joe Manchin of W. Va.
  • And the Washington Post---a progressive rag--- called the new White House snitch site---Attack Watch, a "laughingstock" hours after its launch. I call it dangerous.
  • Gallup is reporting today that Americans believe Republicans can solve our problems better than Democrats can by 44% to 37%---that's beyond the margin of error.

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