Thursday, September 8, 2011

Headlines Say It All; Gumby Robs 7-Eleven; # of Homeless Students Quadruple in 3 Years; The President's Challenge Tonight; Change in Military Benefits; The Debate

The football game will be on Thursday night, right after the season finale of President Obama---Leno

Some not so good headlines off Drudge today:

  • "Even Blacks and Hispanics Begin To Turn" (away from Obama).
  • "TV Stations Pick Football Over Another Obama Jobs Speech"(makes sense to me. They know a lot about instant-replays).
  • "Jobless Claims Rise Again" (unexpectedly I'm sure)
  • "Limbaugh Predicts: Marco Rubio Will Be President" (yo Rush, I said that over a year ago!).
  • "America Falls To 5th Place in Competitiveness" (Only 5th place?. Gee, the Obama Administration is doing a better job than I thought they've been doing).
  • "Mayo Study: Widespread Burnout Among New Doctors" (thanks to ObamaKare I'm sure. For two years, I warned and whined that there would not be enough physicians to treat all of the new patients created by ObamaKare. My prediction is coming true. Those 18 week waits to see a physician in the United Kingdom?---will be coming here real soon).
  • "UK Doc Ordered To Ration Cancer Scans" (see above).
  • "Cops: Arkansas Weatherman Found Dead in Hot Tub With Naked Dead Man" (I know this weather is driving people crazy, but this is a tad over the top).
  • "Semi-Tractor Trailer With 21 Tons of Meat Stolen" (proving my "trickle down" theory yet again).
  • "1,300 Homes Burned in Texas Wildfires; 2 Dead" (Hey, do you think some of that aid Obama sent to help Mexico fight its wildfires could be re-routed back to Texas. In other words, re-routed to HIS country?).
  • "Monica Lewinsky: 'Lonely, Living Life of Near Recluse" (Someone should have told Monica, "those cigars can kill you.").
  • "FBI Raids Bankrupt Solar Company Touted By Obama" ( It appears representatives of this company visited the White House prior to getting a $500 million grant. I guess that was "unexpected").
  • "Circus Train Wreck Not Funny, Investigators Emphasize"---(okay, okay, I had to sneak in an Onion headline. So sue me).
  • "Man Dressed in Gumby Costume Tries Robbing 7-Eleven" (this is a real headline).
And now for the rest of the news:

  • I have not seen rain this bad in my life. Here, in the NE, every single creek and river is over its banks. In fact, the rain we've received in the last 2 days was worse than Irene. We even had some mud slides---something very rare around here.
  • NY Post is reporting that the number of homeless students in the city has quadrupled in the last 3 years (Trickle Down again?).
  • When Pres. Obama speaks to us yet again about another jobs plan, keep in mind he's addressing the nation as the jobs numbers appear to be getting worse. Black unemployment officially is 17% but probably closer to 25%. It's almost 12% among Hispanics (even though they appear to have all the jobs---at least in the NE). Almost 26% of teens are without work (that number is low). Six million Americans haven't worked in over 27 weeks. So Pres. Obama has a big job ahead of him tonight---if anyone watches the speech.
  • And he can't make the speech political (although I think he will, such as blaming Bush again. Yo Mr. President. Yes, we know you inherited a bad situation, but your policies made a bad situation worse. So stop whining already. If you are going to blame anyone (since you have a bad habit of whining anyway) then blame yourself, your administration, both political parties, bankers who wrote loans on houses that were not worth the paper they were written on and blame us, especially those who voted for your "Hope and Change" nonsense.
  • I watched clips of the Republican debate last night (I don't have the patience to sit through those things). My first and only impressions? Romney look presidential to me. Perry came off good in his first debate in my opinion (he has to have better responses re: Social Security and Climate Change---although he's right about both and especialy Social Security being a Ponzi scheme. In fact, that's been one of the criticisms of it for decades. Everyone knows it's broke. No surprise here). Newt was fired up, but it's over. The others? No impact.
  • Military personnel are a tad pi$$ed off that Congress plans on making changes to their military benefits. Congress wants to shift pension plans to 401 (k)'s. I agree with the critics. It's an assault on the all-volunteer force. If this does goes thru, many fear the military will no longer be a lifetime career choice. It would also have the consequence of draining the military leadership, according to many.
  • Last week, I wrote about current and former NHL players who died in just the last several months. Now, a plane crash in Russia, claimed 43 people, at least 7 were former and current players. Is the league jinxed? (They were flying on a Russian aircraft. Most suck. Their safety records are horrific. And the service they flew on is called, Yak Service. Who in their right mind would fly on anything called Yak anyway?).
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